Old souvenirs

Found an old Small World Jewelry box. Still plays the song :slight_smile: guessing it’s from my first trip in 1984, so maybe 30 years old. I can remember it being around from most of my childhood.


Wow, that’s cool! Great find! < searching the back of my closet >

There was a thread on the DLR chat about oldest souvenirs and I found this Minnie from my first trip to DLR sometime in the mid 80s.


I wish they would make a new, new Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I loved that show (the second version with Justin and JC).

not really a souvenir per se, but tickets to the opening day of Epcot, it was a three day pass and we only used two, so I still have a day on it! what was awesome was they let guests of the park in the night before, to give everything a test run, so on opening day, things were breaking but we had already done all the rides. It was just totally awesome!


I have that same jewelry box!! I used to play it all the time when I was a kid and needed a Disney fix :slight_smile:

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