Old park ticket found!

Found this old ticket from 1994 which appears to have an unused day. The side looks clipped 4 times though, can this be redeemed and if so, how? Thanks!


Hmmmm - if it is good for four days and was clipped four times, doesn’t that mean it was used up? I may not be understanding.

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I believe four clips means four days gone and it looks like the bottom left corner has been clipped four times.

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Yes its clipped but missing a stamp day so not sure why that is. This is my MiL’s old ticket, she apparently was able to get a free teacher ticket when they arrived and saved a day on this 4-day pass.

It looks like the forth day was marked as used, so I think you are out of luck.

Fun find!
I’m pretty sure they use to punch days from the bottom, and go up, so that the # that remained is the # of days you have left. Your ticket appears to have “0” days left.

This is an example of a ticket with “2” days left:

But just for fun, you should go see if that “Three Park” ticket can be used at Animal Kingdom. :slight_smile:


Oh I remember these paper tickets!

The one I remember best was a blue colored 5 day park hopper with stamps from around 1990, my parents might have these somewhere

Thanks for the info, what confused me us the lack of a 4th stamp on there. Now if only I can find those old 3 day tickets from 1989 with a missing stamp from when I got sick and missed a park day

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Technically, it is a lack of a second stamp. Notice that only the stamp for day 2 was missing. So I think that was a mistake from the CM that day not to stamp it, but on days 3 and 4, they properly stamped it with the date…which is further evidence it was actually used fully. So, most likely, day 2 was visited on June 15th or 16th.

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Back in March of 1989 I was 6 and we went to WDW. We also went to Sea World where I was splashed by a whale, caught a chill and was then sick the next day. I knew I made a scrapbook years ago that included our tickets from WDW including this with an unused day!

DW and I are taking an adults only trip in April with 1 park day so over Thanksgiving while at my parents house I’ve searched the basement and found this. So how do I redeem this? I assume I’ll have to bring it with to Guest Service?

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There is a ticket center at DS. They take your name like the Apple store and call you when they have someone to work with you. :roll_eyes:
The CM hand input all my old tickets and generated a card to be used going forward.

Thanks! On the back it specifically says not valid for “Disney MGM Studios” I assume because it wasn’t open yet at the time. Do old tickets just become magic you’re way to be used at any park?

At Thanksgiving my mom insisted I start taking some of my old stuff out of their house so she can clean and organize. I started by taking 3 large boxes of baseball cards home, most of which are Topps, Fleer and Donruss from 87-93 so mostly worthless in other words. However, while going through this box of Fleer 1990

I suddenly found the other 3 day ticket from 1989 I’d been hoping to find! So now the question is this, can I convert this child ticket (which was and is mine) to an adult? I’m hoping it only involves paying the price difference which in 1989 was $66 and $77.