Old Never Expiring Ticket Question how to convert for MDE use

I have tickets from years ago that were the never expiring type. I have confirmed with WDW (Have email confirmation) that there are 3 park tickets and 7 water park tickets left. I’ve read on various forums that these tickets will have to be converted to use with MDE and make advanced FPP, etc.

One child and I are going in November but not using these tickets. Saving these tickets when all of us return in 2 years.

If I want to be able to make early FP reservations on these tickets for my future trip should I take them with me on my trip in November and go ahead to guest services and them them convert them? The son with me will have aged up since original purchase as he on a child ticket now 17. So that will need to be changed as well.

My main concern is I don’t want these tickets getting confused with our current trip tickets. But at same time would like to make advanced FP on them when we all return in a few years. I know I could do it on our last day but that day is jammed pack and don’t know how much time converting them would take.

Anyone done this recently? What is involved and How would I make sure those tickets do not get used on the current trip if they convert them. And once activated are they still non expiring?

Take them with you.

Guest Services can convert them for you, and update DS’s to an adult one. You will have to do this if you want to be able to use them to book FPs with in future.

I would then create a second version of you both, and transfer the tickets to the dummy profile so you don’t have to worry about them being used before you want them to. When you want to use them, reassign them back to you.


Thanks for the help

I had a similar situation. In 2008, I had old tickets from about 1990 (with date stamps), took them to GS and got them exchanged for then-current credit card size paper tickets. They upgraded the child ones into adult ones. In 2016, I wanted to link them to my MDE. I did that online at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/link/tickets-passes/ . I created dummy people with names like One One and Two Two, to assign these old tickets to, as a safe place to park them until I wanted to transfer to one of us for use. Since the odd names were nothing like our real ones, it was easy to avoid accidentally selecting those names for FPP etc. When we wanted to use a couple tickets, I simply reassigned them to the real names.

I had those 2008 tickets along on the trip when I made use of them, but never had to show them at the tapstile or to GS, since I’d linked them months earlier from home, and simply used my MB.

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Thanks for this information really helps me to know what to do

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