Old Key West Room Views am confused

Hi. First time poster long term user of TP’s. I am struggling to choose a location at OKW because all the photos on the room planner are from the outside door. What I actually need to know is what we will see from the balcony! Any suggestions. I really want a room as close as possible to a quiet pool, ideally Turtle Road area but any quiet pool would do. We are staying in a 1 bed villa for two weeks in August and will have a car so distance isn’t an issue really.

Welcome to chat! It’s tough with any of the Deluxes to get the photos from the balconies. Either someone staying there needs to send in a picture, or the Touring Plans staff has to somehow gain access, and that’s a lot of rooms to get private access to! That’s why they do have the view from the front door at the very least, since it doesn’t require room access to take that photograph. I feel your pain though, I was trying to find a good room view from Animal Kingdom Lodge as well, and many rooms don’t have photos yet. But that’s why it’s important to remember to take a photo and send it in when you stay there :smile:

Thanks - I’ve seen some of them do have room view photos as well not I’ve had a trawl. I will be sure to photograph ours when we finally get there!

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The DVCNews Room Finder also has user-submitted balcony views - check it out and see if it has any for rooms you are interested in http://dvcnews.com/index.php/resorts/old-key-west/roomfinder-85561

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I can help you with this. I’ve been staying at Old Key West almost since it opened.

For Turtle Pond:

Buildings 30-37 and 42-44 are going to face one of two golf course fairways. There will be some trees right outside the patio, and then a good 300-400 feet of open space. There’s a pond between the buildings and both fairways. The trees should give you decent shade and privacy. There aren’t that many golfers that you’d even be likely to hear them.

Buildings 38-41 face thick pine and saw palmetto woods. You may see a little bit of a small pond between you and the trees. It looks basically like what a native pine flatwood would look if Old Key West had never been developed. Privacy is good, as you’ll probably only see the villas on either side of you. Depending on the time of year, you may see a little of the traffic on Bonnet Creek Pkwy. There is some road noise, but I think it would only affect the lightest sleeper.

@BGK many thanks, that is helpful. As you have stayed so often, do you have a view on which is the best quiet pool?

this might help you have requested this room for our september 3 week stay fingers crossed https://youtu.be/L46gMxze920