Olafsdad trip report day 1 Epcot

Day#2. AK day, late to RD but only by a few. Saw the Macaws fly from a distance as we made our way over the bridge. Stopped to get some sdfp’ s using old tickets and then straight to our favorite ride. KRR!!! It was empty, did it 3 straight times. Each time we got off the CM let us just jump the rope without going all the way around.
Then to EE for my first time. DD13 first time as well. We both loved it. DW sat it out but to her credit she did do it multiple times last trip with our other DD27.
Then off to TH for our 10:20 ADR . Can’t believe we showed up to the park after 9am, rode KRR 3x and EE once and we still made it to the TH for 10:20. Unbelievable. We all loved the TH. First time for us. Food was great. And we got both breakfast and lunch. Another tip I learned from this site. So we went from Mickey waffles and spiral ham to curry chicken and amazing shrimp. Characters were great, got the popcorn lotus flower bucket and our tickets to the RoL show. TH will definitely be added to our families must do list for AK.
Spent majoriry of the day hitting attractions with Fpp and sdfp’s … FotLK, Dinosaur, EE a 2nd time, KRR a 4th time, FoW, KS, TTBB, walking trails.
Sdfp is a game changer for us. Starting the day with 6 fpp vs. 3 makes a day in the park so less stressful. You can your and see things you normally couldn’t. So glad I found this tip out.
Took a 2.5 hour break around 4pm and headed over to AKL to scope it out. Contemplating AKL as a possibility for our next trip. Beautiful lobby, enjoyed the outdoor viewing area, signature restaraunts looked amazing, ate at the QS (Mara, I think) didn’t like it. Needed a good cleaning, food was eh,…Overall the resort reminded me of Polynesian Jr.
Back to AK for KS and RoL. One of them we loved and the other we were just unimpressed with. Loved RoL. So glad AK has its own nighttime show. KS, is a one and done for me. Not impressed at all. Seems too staged and boring . we went around 8pm as Sun was going down hoping to capture that special moment. Just never happened.
AK is still our favorite park. Just an overall beautiful park. We could spend all day just exploring trails, architecture, discussing culture, lots of nook and cranny type places to explore. Love the attractions and next time we can add Pandora to that list. It’s the ambiance more than anything.


AKL is an awesome resort. If AK is your favorite park, then a stay at AKL is definitely in your future.

I’m sorry you didn’t care for the safari. I haven’t heard that many good things about that nighttime version. I think Disney had high hopes for it but it just isn’t designed for that time of day. If you’re so inclined, give it another chance during the day. I always enjoy it. I try to tune out the driver and just enjoy the vistas.

Is there a number on the extra Magic Bands to link it to dummy MDE account? Just want to understand how it works.

Yes, all bands have a number on them to link.

Ahhhhh, yes! Of course! Thank you for clearing up the mystery for me! Enjoy your day!

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Okay, so I am doing a room only for Friday night. I can use those MBs for additional FPPs each day at the kiosks. Do I have to set up a separate “dummy” account for those bands for this to work?

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Yes, it has to be on a different MDE than what you normally have. So book the room only in your fake MDE, then the bands will be linked to that. You won’t be able to book FPP ahead of time (only same day, at a kiosk in the park) as it is not linked to your tickets.

So what if we just have the 1 reservation, how do we use the old bands to get same day FP?

@jlw1439, if you just have the one reservation, you would need to use old bands that were not the old bands of the people on your reservation. They could be friends or neighbors who aren’t traveling at the same time. Or they could be bands you bought at a store and then linked to another dummy account with different “people” than those in your real travel party. Your own old bands would just be clones, interchangeable with the bands you get from this trip. Hope that helps!

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Exactly what @rmfluh said.

If I borrow magic bands from my friend who went recently, do I still need to make a new dummy MDE account?

Nope ! Just take them to the kiosk and you can make same day FP. You can’t book them in advance, since the people who own the bands don’t have tickets they’re using that day.

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I don’t know if I’m understanding this correctly, but can you book additional FPP on previous MB that are still active? If not, would you care to explain how this works?

Sorry, for what I now realize was a repetitive question! I just saw the multiple posts addressing this after I posted! My old MB are on the same MDE account :pensive: If I get different MB and set up a dummy account, I can book FPP from a kiosk only?

@AngieandWillie, yep, that’s right. If the people (or fake people!) are not traveling with you, with their own tix and pre made FPP for the day, then you can make FPP for them at the kiosks the day of.

Lots of rumors on social media that this loophole is going to be closed at the end of next week. We will have to see what happens, but it looks like SDFP on extra bands from a different MDE may be a thing of the past. So sad if true! It was great while it lasted…

Got my MM share downloads and wanted to add a few pics from our Eocot day. Hope I’m doing it right



Great photos…thanks for sharing them…

Love the photos

Does anyone know if you can still get same day fast passes using extra magic bands from a different MDE?

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