Olafsdad trip report day 1 Epcot

What a day!! Started with RD, straight to Soarin, got right on. Headed to TT, got right on, Did TT again, small wait maybe 10 minutes tops, headed back to 1st 60 day out fpp for 10am for Nemo, on the way stopped at fpp kiosk and took out the old, rfid hard tickets from last trip in 2013, and used them to snag another Soarin, Lwtl, and Figment. (THANK YOU AUNTB & all my liner friends for that)
So, Did Nemo, Soarin a 2nd time, had breakfast in the land pavilion, then LwtL, Turtle Talk with Crush (loved turtle talk btw) DD13 had to convince me to go. Glad she did. then Figment, the used 2nd 60 day out fpp for SE at noon.
All this done by 1pm and Bus to SSR was actually sitting there when we exited the park. Back at resort by 1:30pm. All 3 of us took a wonderful nap, freshened up and headed back to park for 4:30pm with a 5:30 60 day out fpp for FEA.
Took the car this time because we missed the bus by mere seconds and didn’t feel like waiting 20-30 minutes for next one. Short drive. 10 minutes tops.
Headed to Visa Character spot, met Mickey and Goofy, Then on way to FEA decided to ride the 3 cabeleros first as we were well within our window and there was no wait.
Did FEA next. Wasn’t sure I wanted to waste a Fpp for this ride 60 days ago. DD is 13, not quite a Frozen fan, Wife and I have seen the movie but not on our must see list. Anyway, actually loved the ride. All 3 of us did in fact. Would definitely add it to our fpp list again. Wouldn’t RD it. Still prefer the order we did it ( SO, TTx2 then use fpp for FEA)
After FEA, we power toured WS, Did stop to watch acrobats, and a Moroccan band, but other than that we were just thinking about food at that point and with all the F&G kiosks out there we knew if we didn’t keep our horse blinders on we wouldn’t make to our ADR @ GG for 7:30. Made a Short stop in Canada, DD13 and DW wanted to see it . Then straight to GG for 7pm. Took us early, out by 8:15ish, Then to final sdfp for illuminations .
I know alot of people don’t think much of I lluminations but we loved it.

Anyway a few notables about our trip so far:

SSR is wonderful, shhhh don’t tell anyone. I want to keep this one a secret. Don’t want it to get popular. I like how it flies under the radar.

My wife, who’s not a big Disney fan says , " I don’t remember Disney like this, it seems like every ride we go to we just get right on"

Thank you Liner friends for all your tips and tricks, with this beautiful resort and a solid TP, I think DW will actually be planning me a 50th WDW birthday next year.


Glad your first day was great. We have been using the same day FPP on old bands as well as the pre-booked three the last few trips, and man it makes Disney so easy regardless of crowd levels. We were easily able to get headliners in all parks by going to the kiosks as soon as we entered the park. 6 FPP to start with is great. This fall when we go to the MNSSHP on 2 different days we will have 3 pre-booked at 60 days (onsite stay), 3 pre-booked at 30 days (MNSSHP tickets on second MDE), and will still get another 3 or 6 on other accounts we have. Have a great rest of your trip!


Hello! I enjoyed reading your trip report! However, I am racking my brain trying to figure out which attraction is SSR? (I am sort of new at this, and whatever it is, I don’t want to miss it!)

Thank you! Have a great day!


We did this one this trip too, after really not planning to! The wait was not exceptional and we had “saved” time on another attraction so we had banked time to spare and we decided why not. We really loved it! I had seen the videos online and was unimpressed. It was very cute :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great time so far! WDW is so much more enjoyable with a solid TP on your side :slight_smile:


Not an attraction. SSR is Saratoga Springs Resort.


Great report, sounds like you rocked it.

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Shhhhh!!! Lol


I have magic bands from my last trip. Would they work the same as the hard tickets?

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In regards to getting extra fast passes… hit reply before I was ready. Oops.

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How do you get all those extra FP?

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You get 3 everyday from your normal ticket/band. You can get 3 more from a party ticket as long as it is linked to a different MDE account (search dummy account in the search bar at the top right of the screen, there have many quite a few threads on this recently). Also, if you have a dummy account, and those dummies have magic bands (but no tickets linked), you can use those bands to get same day FPP at the kiosks in the parks. You do not actually have to have tickets linked to get FPP in the park, believe it or not. Since I am going with friends, I can use my 3 dummy profiles (my 2 kids and my husband) and use those bands to get same day FPP. My MNSSHP ticket will be linked to my dummy profile. You can buy magic bands and link them to the dummies, or book an onsite stay for the dummies, and then cancel it once magic bands have shipped (but before the cancellation window is over) to get free ones. So on party days I will have 6 pre booked FPP, and can get 3 more at the kiosks on the day we are there. Disney has known about these loopholes for several years now, and don’t seem inclined to close them, thankfully.



Maybe I’m just too slow to understand the manic band loophole. If I’m going with my husband and 2 kids can I get MY 3 fast passes and then more on their bands or would I need a WHOLE different family group to be traveling with us such as grandparents to get more?

Great explanation! How do you keep it all straight? As in, which FPPs were booked with which MB?


@Wahoohokie, can you use old MBs?

Will your family members be travelling with you? If not, just take their bands and yes, you can get more FPP at the kiosks with their bands (or if they have annual passes, you can pre-book them). If they are going with you, you need a separate MDE account with fake profiles, and then use those bands for extra FPP. The other family group doesn’t actually have to be there, FPP is not tied to admission tickets.

Here is where it gets a bit tough. I actually take my printed touring plan and manually add the rides after visiting the kiosk, and mark down which account I need to use. Lately I use new bands (the wider ones) for my regular MDE, and old style for the extra kiosk FPP. My party tickets will be on the cards that are coming in the mail to keep the confusion down. More than once I have scanned the wrong band- the kids and I did this at Space in April and of course the band turned blue. We stepped out of line and switched bands, and then went through again. When I went in January I had my regular MDE, plus both my kids regular MDE bands (with tickets linked for our April trip, those tickets were used for FPP for me in January and them in April with no issues). Then I had the 4 bands from our dummy account and my friend had a dummy account with all of us on it (and new bands from that). At one point it got too crazy and I could barely keep up with it! I think I had 10 bands at a time in my backpack!

Only if they are tied to a different MDE, or they are bands that are from someone not on your trip. So, when you go with just your DH in November, you can take your DD’s band and use it for same day fastpasses. You really need another one though so that you and DH can both have them. You can add a new fake person to your hotel room, and then you will get a band for them when your bands ship. That band can be used for same day FPP, as long as you link it to someone other than yourself, DH, or DD. This doesn’t work for packages though, as you would have to buy the fake person tickets. Works perfectly for room only stays.

I am sorry @Rgjones.1 for derailing your trip report. I hope you are having a fabulous trip and look forward to hearing more about your trip soon!

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Lol, don’t be sorry at all. I appreciate you explaining the process. I’m good at reading and comprehending, but when it comes to explaining the process to others I use the old standby, " here’s the link"…