OKW vs. SSR. …Is one better than he other?

Pros and cons to each. So it is an “it depends” kind of answer.

Is one better as far as travel to parks?

They are probably similar, although there are more stops at OKW, so it might take slightly longer. Probably negligibly so. The one advantage SSR has over OKW in terms of travel time is to DS. While you can take a boat from both OKW and SSR, from SSR you can walk to Disney Springs, which makes it a easier place to grab all kinds of food options for non-park days. But…again, that depends on how often you would use DS.

The layouts of the rooms are different, which can give a nudge to OKW in some cases.

They’re both about the same. Both require buses to all parks. Both have an internal bus route to multiple stops before heading to the destination. Neither shares with any other resort. They are neighbors to each other so fairly equidistant to all destinations, except for DS which SSR is closer to.

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Both have 5 stops


  • Peninsular
  • Old Turtle Pond
  • South Point
  • Miller’s Road
  • Hospitality House


  • Grandstand
  • Carousel
  • Paddock
  • Congress Park
  • Springs
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Oh. I had it in my head SSR had 4. Two of the stops were so close together, I forget they are two! :slight_smile:

How about parking if you have your own car? How close can you park next to your room?

We’ve never stayed at a DVC and these two seem to be the most attractive for my tastes.

I’d guess they are pretty equal in that regard as well. Partly would depend on which floor/building.

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Parking at OKW is KING! You are literally right outside of your unit.

SSR isn’t bad but the lots are bigger and a little further from the building.

It has to do with the size of the buildings and how many units are in them. SSR is more of an apartment complex whereas OKW is more of a townhouse/condo set up with fewer units in each building and a lot for each building.


For visual reference, using the same exact zoom on Google Maps, here is the parking lot and a couple of the Congress Park buildings. (Some of the buildings, such as the Paddock, you actually park slightly closer than you do at Congress Park.)


And at one set of buildings in OKW:


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Exactly. The difference doesn’t tend to be huge, but it’s there.

Probably Congress Park is the worst of it because they have that much bigger lot that serves more buildings.

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Also, while both are very relaxed resorts, I would say OKW has a more homey feel to it.

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So it looks like SSR has bigger buildings with more rooms per building, while OKW has smaller buildings with fewer rooms, kinda similar to what you see at a Marriott Vacation Club.

OKW rooms have exterior doors, correct? Does SSR have interior hallways and doors or room doors exterior?

Yes. Garden-style apartment kind of layout at SSR. Townhouse/condo layout at OKW (which to Ryan’s point really does feel like somewhere that you could live vs somewhere that you’re visiting/hotel)

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Yes exterior doors at OKW

SSR is weird. The hallways are not completely enclosed, and the doors open into those hallways. So yes hallway but only kind of.


Yeah. Like…they are outside entrances, but kind of feel like they are inside.

Here is a photo of the outside of the building we stayed at in December. So, you can see that you can’t actually see the entrances to the rooms, making them seem indoors…but you can also see there are openings to the outside, so you’re definitely still outside not inside!

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Oh…correct me if I’m wrong, @OBNurseNH , but I believe the OKW buildings are just two floors, versus four floors at SSR.

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Some are 2 and some are 3; not all OKW buildings have elevators, which is also very important to know.

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Thanks for the info, since we’re coming from Atlanta, we almost always drive and have our own car which we use to get to the parks, being able to park a few steps away from our room is a big plus. We hate getting back to a resort and having a 5-10 minute walk back to the room. If we ever stay at a DVC, OKW might be the first choice.