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1st time staying at OKW (cash standard view studio), and 1st time using TouringPlans room finder tool and fax configuration for a request. I found a great room I liked using the tool & did the auto-configure fax in TouringPlans which says it will fax my request 5 days before my arrival. My question is, should I also call Disney to notate my request? Should I also fill out the optional 2 preferences on the Online Checkin for our room or would this negate/hurt my more specific request chances from the fax?

No need to call them.

If you do online check-in make sure that none of your requests there are conflicting with your TP room request fax. I pretty much never put anything in request anywhere except through TP

How did you book OKW?

If you booked through DVC by renting points then I would ask the owner to call in and note your request. Make sure it is worded the same as your TP fax.

The reason for that is that DVC have repeated their request every couple of years to make any requests through Member Services.

If you booked directly with Disney, you could stick with just the TP fax.

Don’t put anything in online check-in, whatever you decide to do!

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Thanks Nicky. We booked direct with Disney. Someone else also suggested making sure my online checkin requests don’t conflict my fax request. Is this why you also say don’t put anything in the online checkin? Is it likely this overrides anything else? That’s what I want to be sure not to mess up.

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Yep. It apparently overrides anything else noted either by a phone call or a fax.

You can still check in on-line, just don’t touch that drop box.

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