Okay seriously though

How accurate have your touring plans been? I’d love to hear people’s real experiences with wait times compared to what their plans have told them.

I’m waiting on average just 10 minutes or so for our attractions. We will be travelling next week.

I guess I’m just having a hard time believing all the hype. So please tell me. I"m all ears :slight_smile:

I look at a plan as not a minute to minute plan but rather : at noon I should be at this point. At 6:00 I will have this completed. Attractions break down- there are thunder storms- life happens- but generally I can do everything on my plan.

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Agree with @PrincipalTinker - there may be variation here and there but overall tends to get me through things in the right order and about the amount of time predicted. I think lately there have been some longer waits for a variety of factors that wouldn’t be readily predicted from historical data (FPP, major attractions closing). The most crucial part of my TP is seeing what waits are like at 8 am vs 1 pm as a good incentive to get ourselves in gear to make RD, no matter what, and help in planning what FPP to book.

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When I used it on my vacation in Sept. (my cousin who had never been wanted to see as much as she could :slight_smile: We made a lot of our touring plans. We had to skip a few depending on the day and time we had but we got a lot accomplished :slight_smile: It was nice to have the plan just to have my favorites on there and to see what else we could get accomplished :slight_smile:


Historically, they have been very accurate. My last trip (Nov 14) was the exception when they were pretty far off - at least at MK and DHS. Whether that was an anomaly or not I won’t be able to tell until my next trip.

When I have used them they have been spookily accurate - a few minutes longer here, a few minutes shorter there, but overall almost right on the money.

That being said, as other have mentioned there are plenty of things that cannot be predicted that can influence CLs and wait times, like temporary ride closures and weather. However, this is where Personalized TPs on a smartphone really come into their own - mark attractions as “Done” when you complete them, and if you find yourself going off-track then re-optimize. This will take the current conditions into consideration and come up with the best plan for the rest of the day.

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Thanks so much everyone! I guess I will find out soon enough. My first trip ever is coming up in 6 days. I will be sure to report back afterwards to chime in on how it went with the TP :smile:


I’m just back from a week at WDW. It was a low crowd week (mostly below 4 or 5), but my plans worked very well. Fast pass reservations were right on schedule and waiting times were quite accurate. I was with my daughter (17) and mother (85), so mostly shows and the occasional slow ride, and plans optimized for very slow pace. We were in the parks before 8:30/9:00 and usually left between 2pm and 4pm.

I find just having a plan cuts down on decision time and aimless wandering when you have to deal with other people in your group. That alone makes the day much more efficient and enjoyable. You will have to make last minute changes because of closed attractions, weather, change of heart, etc. I agree with @PrincipalTinker, the plan, although precise on paper, is more or less a general guide once you are in the park.

Have a good trip!