Ok, who is bored and wants to help me pick park days for our trip that most likely isn’t happening?

If nuts = liner you are correct!


I finally did my APRs, and predictably I am now depressed because we most likely won’t use them. Thanks for the tips, here is what we ended up going with:

Sunday, Aug. 15 - HS
Monday, Aug. 16 - AK
Tuesday, Aug. 17 - MK
Wednesday, Aug. 18 - break day
Thursday, Aug. 19 - MK
Friday, Aug. 20 - Epcot
Saturday, Aug. 21 - break day
Sunday, Aug. 22 - HS
Monday, Aug. 23 - MK
Tuesday, Aug. 24 - resort day
Wednesday, Aug. 25 - checkout (we leave early a.m. usually for our loooong drive home)

If you see any glaring bad ideas, let me know! I welcome any and all feedback :grin:

The only other comment I’d add is that if you have any late nights planned, ideally put those before break days, and barring that, put them before Epcot (assuming it is still later opening).

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Nothing glaring, but I don’t think I could wait til day 3 for MK. I need castle time asap!


Thank you, actually one of my goals of this trip is to see Epcot at night, so that’s exactly why we picked that park to be before a break day!

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My boys and I are Star Wars freaks, so we wanted to start with HS since we haven’t experienced GE yet! And my DH (who is anti-Star Wars) loves AK best, so that’s second since he has to “suffer” through our drooling over Star Wars stuff on our first day :joy:. We will still spend the most days at MK overall, so lots of castle time :grin: