OK straight to Rope Drop w/o Hotel Check-In First?

We arrive late and crashing first night @ hotel cloe to airport.

Next morning, my husband wants to take DS straight to rop drop at Hollywood Studios for jedi sign-up.

Myself and grandparents and baby will schlep our luggage to our Disney hotel.

Are DH and DS ok to go straight to Hollywood if we got our magic bands in the mail? Magic bands will work & they’ll be able to enter park without them doing Disney hotel check in first?

yes, the bands will work.

however, if you are on a dining plan, they might not work for the dining plan without checking into the hotel first. HOWEVER, since you are checking into the hotel while they are at the park, it’s possible that there will be no issues.

also, they can head over to guest services after jedi sign up to make sure everything’s connected correctly.