Ok Liners, Need Public Transport help, does this stump ya?!

Ok DH and I are going to home to the World for Sept/October. We ware staying at ASMu, and will not be renting a car. DH wishes to explore some of Orlando and is wishing to use public buses. So anyone have any experience with this.

We are figuring he can take a Disney bus to DTD and walk outside the gates, but we have no clue. Anyone know anything that can help us.


What exactly is DH looking to experience? seriously, where do you want to go? Lynx is the bus service… You can get a few public buses at the TTC bus Depot (on the back side of the building)

Walking from DTD is not as easy as it seems, how far do you walk on a daily basis?

Wow - really wondering what DH wants to see and how you are spending 2 months in a value room without cooking? You will need a car to go to the grocery store at least.

Lynx bus

Now we are going sept 29 - oct 6th, not 2 months, OH HOW I WISH!!!

He has some ideas of buildings or spots he may wish to go and sit drawing, it’s his idea of a trip. How can I complain as I will be in the world.

As to him and walking, there is no issue there, he could walk down to the bottom of the grand canyon and back up in one day, he can handle some street walking.

So I am trying to help himby reaching out to those who may know, like I had no idea of buses at the TTC!! Thanks.