Ok I've finally started my secret watching of SW

I see you changed your avatar!

I like Thrawn and am intrigued to see how he will factor into the new Ahsoka series. I haven’t read either of the trilogies though. Maybe I will someday - the more I learn, the more I like the character.

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I did! I just finished the second of the new trilogies this morning. Sooooo good. While I appreciate Ashoka and her storyline, I just don’t feel like it holds a candle to Thrawn.

Makes me want to read all the Legends Thrawn books again. He’s such a perfectly complex person/alien/“bad guy.” And Timothy Zahn, the author and creator of Thrawn, is such a wonderful human being. My husband and I met him at a ComicCon once and visited him every one of the three days :joy: