Ok I've finally started my secret watching of SW

These are some of my favorite movie soundtrack composers:

Michael Giacchino
John Williams
Hans Zimmer
Alan Silvestri
Howard Shore
James Horner
Alexandre Desplat

I also like Danny Elfman…but I won’t put him into my top because basically everything he writes starts to sound the same.

ETA: Oh! And I forgot…Jerry Goldsmith.


There are a few new ones listed on the Disney website. One has Grogu with a data pad, one where he is peeking from under Mando’s helmet, the famous egg one, one meditating, tentacle soup, and blue milk mustache. Yes, yes I am an enabler.



Not complaining!

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I’m watching it now and haven’t seen Clone Wars but I’m having no problem following.


So I’m guessing you want one of these? :smirk:


That’s cool!! :sunglasses::nerd_face:


:+1:t2: Thanks. I’ve been planning to watch Clone Wars ever since we got Disney+ and just haven’t got around to it.
I’ll leave Bad Batch for now until I’m caught up.

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I agree with your list and will add Klaus Badelt and Ennio Morricone :notes::orange_heart::notes:
I will add a disclaimer (similar to what I said earlier) that for some composers there’s just one or two works that I love rather than their entire back catalogue - unlike JW who is unsurpassable!!

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We watched the Bad Batch this evening, we all enjoyed it.


I just finished all of the Clone Wars shows (the 2003 series and 2008 series) so that I am ready to watch the Bad Batch. It took quite a while. I agree with @Jeff_AZ to watch at least a few episodes, mainly the first 4 episodes of season 7 of the 2008 series. Maybe the movie, “Stars Wars: The Clone Wars” before the any of the 22 minute shows, since it was like the pilot show for the 2008 series.

Given how many tie-ins there are between various newer shows like The Mandalorian and all the others coming out, with the past movies and TV shows, I decided I needed to watch more of those to understand the nuances of why [insert name of person/place/thing] was so significant in these new shows. I’ve had to find timelines of the Star Wars universe (including people, movies, shows) so I better understand who knows what or what is the current state of affairs when watching just a small piece of it all, such as The Mandalorian. It’s been fun watching where certain characters (Hondo Ohnaka, Boba Fett, Bo-Katan) show up in Clone Wars. I’ll try to watch Rebels in a few weeks.


If you are concerned about your refrigerator running off, you can buy a restraining bolt magnet at Galaxy’s Edge!

I really enjoyed Rebels. I’ve not enjoyed Clone Wars. I have finally given up and taken the topics of interest approach in Clone Wars which has been SOOOOOOOOOOO much better.

I watched the episodes about Ashoka episodes and am now starting on Darth Maul. They do have a Meet the Clones recommendation as well. Some of the clones also appear in Rebels, so I’m hoping that knowledge will carry me through the Bad Batch.


:rofl::rofl: That’s funny.

Thanks for CW info :+1:t2:


I told myself I wouldn’t watch any of the animated shows because a) I’m not a huge fan of animated series in general, b) I don’t have the time to go through all of it so I didn’t want to even start.

but now, I just watched Bad Batch… and it was pretty good! Not sure what I’ve gotten into…


For me it is pretty much b. I have seen parts of episodes of Rebels and Clone Wars when my kids watched it, but I wasn’t drawn in enough to justify the kind of commitment it takes to watch it all.

FB memory

But now… :wink:


John Williams fans: BSO is offering a concert on 5/20 “A Tribute To John Williams”.

Information here:

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Opinion piece in today’s paper in Ames, IA (sounds familiar to some of us, @OBNurseNH?):


Star Wars — The Fan Awakens

Jillian Ocken, Ames Public Library

Special to Ames Tribune USA TODAY NETWORK

Hello there! It’s Star Wars Day, and what a day for a Star Wars fan to be alive! With a new Star Wars series launching and many more projects already announced, it looks like the galaxy far, far away is getting bigger every day.

Before we continue, I have a confession to make: Until recently, I had only really watched the Star Wars movies. I knew there were animated TV shows, books and games out there, but I didn’t pay too much attention to them.

Like many casual Star Wars fans, “The Mandalorian” opened my eyes to some of the stories happening off the beaten track. It offered a glimpse into lives less glamorous — but no less interesting — than the Skywalkers and Yodas of the universe. And of course, it roped me in with some awesome characters that I didn’t know, but that set the Internet abuzz.

So of course, I decided to watch the most talkedabout Star Wars TV series: “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels.” Of course, I had to watch everything in chronological order from the beginning, starting with Episode I. I’m not a huge fan of the prequels, but watching them was a good refresher.

I can now say, I understand what all the fuss is about “The Clone Wars.” The computer-animated series, which takes place after Episode II, does a great job of mixing action with interesting story arcs and character development. I got to know Anakin and Obi-Wan much better, but I also met and become attached to so many new characters. The series gives many clones their own backgrounds, personalities and moments of heroism or tragedy — often both. The series format allowed some beautiful story arcs for characters that would otherwise languish in the background. I loved it.

After wading through more movies (some of which I knew by heart), I dove into the animated series “Star Wars: Rebels.” With a teenager protagonist, I was expecting a show for kids. I was not prepared for another trip through the emotional ringer.

In addition to showcasing some great storylines, “Rebels” brought me up to speed on characters that are likely to show up in at least one upcoming Star Wars series.

And I’ve barely scratched the surface. I don’t need to watch all of the animated shows from the 80s, but there is so much to read about Star Wars: original novels, novelizations of the movies, graphic novels, spin-offs … It’s a little overwhelming.

So here’s my plan. I’m going to start watching “The Bad Batch,” and when something comes up that I haven’t heard of, I’ll do a little searching. I suspect the Star Wars fans of the world will have my back, posting factoids and reading lists about every name drop and Easter egg as it appears. I’ll make a list of stories that pique my interest, and then I’ll start placing holds in the library’s catalog. I know I won’t be the only one, so I have backup plan in case I have to wait for someone else to finish a book.

I’ll be checking out Star Wars cookbooks and crafting books to keep myself busy. I’ll pick up the “Jedi Academy” and “Origami Yoda” series to read to my kids. I’ll check out some of the Star Wars video games from the library. Maybe the kids would like to play some Lego Star Wars with me. Maybe I’ll rewatch some of the Clone Wars episodes — especially the ones that introduce Clone Force 99. That should get me through, right? At least until the next episode is released.

Perhaps our paths will cross at the Archives, er…library. If so, May the Fourth be with you!


Mandalorian Seasone 1 complete.

I cannot get enough of this show. And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, Ep8 comes along. Had me on the edge of my seat thinking, clearly this can’t be happening with an entire season yet to go, but this appears to be happening! How will they get out of this with everyone intact?!

Can’t think of a better time than Nurses Week for me to have seen this particular episode :heart: Fantastic assessment and interventional skills, that one. And that last thing? Personal sacrifice for one’s patients? That’s the heart of nursing right there. I’ve seen some silly Nurses Week pin with Minnie mouse going around this week. Nah. Minnie Mouse ain’t no nurse. This one needs a Nurses Week pin. This is the way.

And OMG the last bit with Mando taking off jet-pack style with The Child? That mirroring of the past gave me goosebumps.

Noticed the closing credits artwork in Ep7 and Ep8 were of a slightly different style (brighter, bolder, less “soft lens”) than the earlier episodes. Still good, but I prefer the other. Anyone know why the switch?

Starting up Season 2 as soon as I can!


I never noticed that. I’ll have to go back and take a look.


Maybe because I’m watching them so much one immediately after the other? I noticed it right away.