Ok I've finally started my secret watching of SW

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I remember seeing 5 and 6 at the drive in, and when I watched 4, by then it had the change. I thought it was always there because I only ever remember seeing it on there. Thank you for clearing it up!


I don’t want to get you confused, but George Lucas “magicked in” a bunch of stuff to the later releases that wasn’t in the originals. If you really enjoy the movies then I recommend the Disney+ documentary Empire of Dreams. You may even get some good tidbits to really knock their socks off.


Just finished Mandalorian season 2 tonight and was left wanting more! Thanks for the recommendation!


It was (basically) always going to be the middle of the story. But until Empire Strikes back was released and called Episode V, the original Star Wars wasn’t widely referred to as Episode IV or A New Hope. It wasn’t until 1981 (a year after Empire was released) that the change was officially made in a theatrical re-release of Star Wars.


ETA: I just saw @mkmuzzy already answered this question, but I provided a reference. :rofl:

P.S. It makes me happy you’re doing this and I hope you like them!


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The 90s additions to episodes 4, 5 & 6 really annoy me.


I don’t know that I can. But even if I could we don’t do that in our family for stuff like this. It would raise questions.


This reminds me of when I secretly listened to my sister’s Backstreet Boys cds. I was taking her to a concert and she remarked that at least I wouldn’t be able to sing along to everything there. Surprise!

I also surprised myself when I started liking it.


great link! thanks for sharing!

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Admittedly, I’ve never seen them without the additions. The first one I saw was The Phantom Menace in theatre. Whenever we watch them, my husband always points out every single thing that was added after the fact. He is annoyed by the additions also.


And here I came to this thread thinking that you were secretly watching Southwest flights for a solo trip!

So excited to have another Star Wars fan join the ranks! I was so surprised at how “behind” I was as more of a classic SW fan in the parks. I had to search “Blue haired star wars lady” to tell my son who one of the characters was!


I have started a list of vocabulary words and important characters

I enjoyed seeing where “these are not the droids you are looking for” comes from last night

I hesitate to say this so soon (I’m but an hour in so far) but I dare say I might find I like these movies after all. :shushing_face:


We won’t tell a soul.

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Thank you. I have a reputation to uphold as the SW ignoramus and overall hater


I’m blanking on the movie at the moment, but I went through a similar thing not terribly long ago when we watched a movie that I had vowed I hated from the time I was young. And of course, after watching it, I found I thought it was quite good!

I fear the same might happen when I go to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. First time I tried to watch it with my kids, I got like 30-45 minutes in and just couldn’t stand it. So much so, that I bailed, which I rarely do. But since I’m now watching through the entire MCU lineup of movies, and GotG is coming up soon, I fear I might watch it and…gasp…enjoy it. :confused:


It was supposed to evoke the serialized features that they used to crank out like TV episodes.

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I love the dedication with this. It’s like a super long term prank, which are sometimes the best ones. And awesome to see you might actually like the movies for reals too.

I did something similar when our family binge watched Lost on Netflix a couple years after it was off tv, knowing nothing about it. For awhile, I occasionally read synopses of the next episode we were going to watch and then I’d make some subtle comments and “predictions” to mess with them while we watched. The key was picking the right spots and not overplaying the hand. Eventually I stopped because I loved the show and didn’t want any spoilers.


That’s probably the biggest change that annoys me. Some of the changes I’m not bothered by at all, and some were just adding things because Lucas was having fun with special effects, so they are kind of a wash.

One change that I was kind of glad to see was the interaction of Luke with Biggs, as well as Han meeting Jabba. Both of those were scenes that were in the novelization that I had read way back.