Ok I've finally started my secret watching of SW

I need more @Jeff_AZ and his blind optimism for all things Star Wars. Less of @Randall1028’s harsh criticism


Ha ha. I am used to people having negative opinions on Star Wars, and they’re welcome to have them.

I personally love the slow burn, getting to know the characters and building up exposition. This series has done such a good job of making me invested in a completely new set of characters, and has done a lot of world building beyond even what we’ve seen with other movies and shows to date. There is so much to explore in this sandbox of a galaxy and I’m here for all of it! :blush:


I liked Andor a lot and didn’t think it was slow at all. Boba felt much more slow burning.


It’s amazing to think that Book of Boba Fett, Kenobi, and Andor were all made by the same studio and take place in the same galaxy. The styles are so completely different from each other. Obviously they have different creative teams and Andor was shot more on location and sets compared with the Volume for the other shows, but still. I find the diversity of textures and tones to be so rich. We are hashtag blessed.

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I hadn’t seen Rogue One since we saw it in the theatre the first week it was out.

I got my latest COVID booster yesterday (first Moderna and the bivalent!) and it kind of knocked me on my keister today, so I came home early and watched it before we start Andor.

I completely forgot what an absolutely great movie it is.

And I think the full Jyn Erso Hope Suite might be one of the best pieces of movie music.


Absolutely. I love it so much - all the music in Rogue One is so good.

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3 seconds in and I have chills


Are they multiplyin’?


I’m loooooosing controool :man_dancing:


I just watched today’s episode of Andor. I liked it a lot. Lots of quiet discussions and strategizing by the various key groups - Andor, Mon Mothma, and Imperials. Oh, also the disgraced security leader from last week. I really look forward to seeing how the rebels’ plan plays out. As far as settings - there is such a contrast (scenery, clothing, daily activities) between the rebels and Mon Mothma. She has such gorgeous, smooth clothing and home! I’m seeing a trend in Andor’s personal life - plucked out of one place and plopped into another, very different, situation where he’s not in control.