Ok I've finally started my secret watching of SW

It’ll have a forward from Chapek.

“Please go to the hotel. The board is turning on me.”


Reading the “back of the book” description on Amazon, this sounds like a horrible mash-up of SW and a cheap romance novel (bodice ripper). Uggghh! Seems like a cash grab at trying to have a romance book for SW fans. Or is it a SW book for romance fans? I may like each thing separately, but together? Oh well, look at how well, “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!” worked out.

Good catch on the one more Halcyon sighting.


I watched today’s episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Like the rest of the season, it’s really good. Some things resolved nicely, some things left open for future possibilities, and a special appearance.

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Not that special if he was there all along :wink::laughing:


Obi Wan, Ep 6: really good. Not my favorite episode (I think that was 5) but really good.

As usual, I have questions and thoughts:

  1. Aside from the fact that we’ve all seen an entire franchise of movies (and then some, for some of you!), why didn’t Obi Wan just kill Darth while he could. Would have saved the galaxy a whole lot of trouble. It couldn’t have been that he was conflicted based on his relationship with Anakin - he said his friend was already dead. And I know that as a rule Jedi don’t seek to kill. But still, given what was at risk it seems he would have taken the opportunity to take him out in the moment. I didn’t care for the idea he would just walk away. Maybe one of you has a compelling reason why this did make sense. Obviously both had to get out of that battle alive, I just didn’t care for it being done this way.

  2. What happens to Reva? Is she a character that is known in other parts of the story I’ve not known? I also didn’t care for the way her story just … stopped. It felt lazy. “Now you’re free.” Seemed :roll_eyes: to me. But again maybe one of you has a good explanation for this.

  3. I loved the last moments between Obi Wan and Leia. I love that it foreshadows her reaching out to him (is it foreshadowing at this point??).

And for my own part it reminded me of a dream I had of my father after he died, in which he said “If you ever need me, just call out and I’ll be there. Goodbye Princess.” So, that got me in the gut. And I loved it.

  1. Qui gon jinn appearing in the end, reminding Obi Wan that he was there all along (if only Obi Wan had been ready to see him) – perfect.

I’m sad it’s over. I really enjoyed this entire series. It was very well done overall and I looked forward to it each week.


Agree with all your points.

Walking away instead of killing someone seems to be a repetitive theme (here and in SW in general), Vader did it to Obi-Wan, then Reva, then Obi-Wan again. The Grand Inquisitor was left to die but didn’t…

Overall I really enjoyed the show. McGregor was great, loved seeing so much of Leia and both the character and actress were fantastic. I liked seeing both of their (Luke’s and Leia’s) families and their childhood. Maybe they could’ve featured Luke a bit more, but then again he is the hero of the movies so it’s nice the focus was on Leia. I don’t think the casting for Luke was as good. Qui-gon in the end was obviously a great!


No no no no nO NO NO NO NO NO!!! I DON’T WANT IT TO BE OVER!!!

No notes (for now) except 1: The ending with Ben walking away from Vader again… c’mon… I know it had to happen in some form but it should’ve been an outside force that ended the battle, not like that.


I had a sudden memory flash while watching this episode for some reason. When Luke first meets Leia, he says he’s with BEN Kenobi and Leia FREAKS.

At the time and for the years that followed, I always figured she was just recognizing the name “Kenobi”. But thanks to this show, I don’t think that can be considered accurate anymore :slight_smile:

Why isn’t Season 2 green lit yet? WHAT’S THE HOLD UP! EVERYONE IS ALREADY SAYING THEY’RE ON BOARD!! LESSGO! Time’s a wastin’!


though there may be moments where suspending disbelief is critical (and not thinking too much about the context of everything in the star wars universe), this series was a delight. enjoyed every bit of it.

i’m sad it’s ended. so, how long do i wait before watching it again?


bout 5 minutes?


I loved Loved LOVED this final episode.

The fight with Vader, Reva choosing to turn against the dark, the whole multiple endings - it was all perfect to me. The use of John Williams’s themes was brilliant - especially after holding them back 5 episodes. And just when I thought it wasn’t going to happen, I was brought to tears by Qui-Gon’s appearance.

I think Obi-Wan is wiser now, and realizes, just as he did in Episode IV, that killing Vader is just a drop in the bucket. It’s the Empire, and the Emperor in particular, that is the threat, not his favorite envoy. Vader will play his part in unraveling the empire eventually. Learning patience was part of Obi-Wan’s arc (“was I any different when you trained me?” he later asked Yoda.)

We have not seen her before in any medium. But I suspect we will see more of her. Maybe season 2? Maybe another show centered on her? I loved her arc.

I, too, can’t wait to see more! I hope there is a season 2 or that these characters will return in one form or another.


now that i’ve had a minute to sit with it.

Yup, still no notes except the choosing to let Vader live part. :slight_smile: Excellent ending

Regarding Reva – Her arc should have ended at the end of Vader’s lightsaber if this is to be it for the character. Even last week I was sitting there thinking “Why are you alive?”. Given how that ended, there was absolutely no reason to keep her alive other than to use her somewhere else. I expect she’ll show up in the Cal Kestis show or in Jedi Fallen Order 2.

-My god the fall the Owen stunt double took!! OW. even I was limping after that. :grimacing:

That is a LOT of death on Ben’s hands in the name of “patience”. Including the deaths of Owen and Beru.

There’s another angle and that is the speech he gave to Reva about honoring the dead by showing mercy. But then, not sure all the future-dead would agree with that.

Which is why i would have preferred a 3rd-party intervention to break up the duel.

Man…Anakin’s gotta be pissed he’s now lost to Obi 3x.


this also raises the “i-have-to suspend-disbelief-for-a-moment-question.” when did it become possible to survive a lightsaber straight through the gut (and in and out both sides)?


There is an argument to be made that most of the death caused by Vader would have happened anyway, and that actually there wasn’t a lot of deaths directly at his hands. Most of them were caused by Tarkin or others. It’s kind of messy, but maybe you could consider Vader a long-game inside man, a double-double agent of sorts. A ticking time bomb, if nothing else. In real life, there are spies out there who have to go along with horrible things in order to be there at the right moment.

In any case, someone who does not kill an evil person is not responsible for the evil things the evil person does.

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Well the good news is a lightsaber blade cauterizes immediately. So the damage is …somewhat…minimal in a stab.

No no, don’t look over at Qui-Gon…eyes forward… EYES FORWARD!!! :rofl:


I liked this video’s take on it. I mean, as viewers we have to sometimes accept that things happen for plot reasons, and sometimes the framing is beyond our ability to suspend our disbelief. But if you want to patch the plot hole up in your mind, this is a nice mortar to use.


thanks, @Jeff_AZ! it’s not a sticking point for me and doesn’t change how much i enjoyed this series. it just struck me as odd that there were two cases of being light sabered through and through—and both survived! and, well, qui-gon.

i appreciate you sharing the video. it does do a decent job of explaining it. i’m just now watching clone wars (in season 3) and i would’ve asked the same question about darth maul! got that covered now, which is good!

the lesson here really is: the dark side does have its perks.

edited to add: blurring one more spoiler, just in case.


I finally watched episode 6. Loved it!! I too wondered about Reva. I’m really hoping we see more of her and that’s why her story feels unfinished. Leia and her parents really got me in the feels! The love Owen has for Luke - same. :two_hearts:


I just watched (parts of) ep IV last night - I was surprised how that scene where their home was attacked hit so much harder now after seeing Kenobi :disappointed_relieved:


Right? I haven’t watched it in a while, but as I was watching Reva’s attack, I couldn’t help but think about what is to come. :cry: Did Owen and Beru have children in addition to Luke? I was struggling to remember.

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