Ohana - When should I try to snag a released reservation?

Hi there!

I’m hoping to snag a released reservation for Ohana for (2) on 9/21, and I have tried and tried… but I know that at some point, people release extra reservations.

Aside from checking every day, several times… any ideas? I mean, we could just show up at 4pm and cross our fingers, but any tips would be appreciated.

BTW - we purchased tickets for another night to attend the villains dessert party. It looks like fun!

~ Imaginette ~
(aka - Josie )

Do you have the reservation finder set up too?

Because you have to cancel at least a day before a reservation in order to not get charged, a lot of people will cancel the couple days before their reservation time. So check like crazy every day of the week leading up to the date you want, especially the day before. It took me over a month of constant check to get a dinner reservation for BOG, but I eventually got it.
I don’t think you will have an luck just showing up and waiting for a table but you could try. I truly think you’d be wasting valuable time though. Good luck!!!

I used the reservation finder tool on TP and had a dinner reservation for BOG within 24 hours. :slight_smile: I had been trying on my own every day with no luck and just figured we wouldn’t get to experience BOG on our trip. I would highly recommend using the reservation finder!

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I didn’t know there was a reservation finder on here… what the deuce?

Does it cost extra?

You guys and gals are the best!!


omg, found it


nice!!! thanks!!!

Definitely use res finder, it usually works!! Still waiting for the BOG alert for my November trip, I have faith! Lol!
I would just keep checking Ohana frequently, especially as your date approaches.


Res Finder just totally came through for me for BOG for my November trip :slight_smile: