'Ohana - Still worth it in 2023 without the characters?

Heading to WDW in early Jan with 2 adults, 2 kids (7+10). We currently have a dinner reservation at Ohana booked. Curious to hear from anyone who has been there since COVID. Is it worth it without the characters? Is the food really that good? Yes, yes, I’ve read about the noodles… :wink:

I know it’s a coveted reservation - but i’m very much still on the fence.

We would like to check out the Poly and GF resorts that day, so it seems like a good place to book dinner but I was secretly hoping they’d bring the characters back.


Ohana has never had characters at dinner - only breakfast. So yes, dinner is still worth it because it’s unchanged! :wink:

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Are coconut races back for dinner?

They didn’t return back in 2021 when it reopened. I know they brought back the Ukulele singer fairly quickly, but no coconut races right away.


I don’t think so. I’ve been to dinner 3x post Covid and haven’t seen a coconut race.


Oh, that’s interesting. I assumed that it included characers pre-COVID.

No, I according to the articles I’ve read, coconut races haven’t been brought back.

I may be in the minority here but I have totally fallen out of love with Ohana. The food has jus not been that good. Noodles are great as well as dessert, however, beef was tough, chicken was dry, shrimp was good but not worth the effort to have to individually peel each one. The ukulele player is still there which I love but since it went to family style it lost a bit of its charm. I have been 3 times since the Covid changes but wont be back anytime soon.

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Ohana never had characters at dinner. We love the noodles and potstickers. And the bread pudding to so good.

Thanks for the reply. Did you find the price worth it for the food you liked?

I’ve read many reviews like this… do you have another recommendation at the GF or Poly? I was thinking of attemping to get into Trader Sam’s but not sure about the likeliness of that - nor if my kids would care for the food.

I have not been to Kona Cafe at the Poly since it re-opened. Again food there was ok prior to when it shut down but at least less expensive than Ohana. It truly is a shame that such a beautiful resort does not have a quality restaurant.

Citricos at the Grand is very good. Food and service is excellent. It is signature dining so the price does reflect that. I have never been disappointed there. Also there is the Grand Floridian Cafe which is much more casual and less $$. Have only been there once but I will say they have a great burger.

We last ate there December 2019 and had free dining. I’m not even sure what the price is but it was one of my family’s favorite places. It wasn’t open when we went in 2020 and we’ve done Disney Cruises the last two years but I’d go back.