Ohana - Showing up with 4th person?

So last minute a friend is coming along on our trip over Labor Day weekend. The only dining reservation we had made was for 'Ohana since the three original trippers absolutely love that place. I looked and don’t see any availability at all. I set up to use the reservation finder but am worried if that doesn’t find us something will it still be okay to go?

Our reservation is super early, at 3:40 when dinner starts at 3:30 and we’re going from 3 to 4 people so I think it would be okay but I was wondering if anyone has done this and if you thought it’d be a problem?

Thanks in advance!

You should be fine since a party of three is sat at a four top so adding one more is not a problem since it does not involve a table size change.

I think it will be fine but you could try two things. If you open your reservation there is a modify button- see if you can add it there. I would also try calling. They have to sit you at a table for 4 either way so it should be fine.

So funny thing… While the 3 at a 4top anyway rule is true everywhere else there are a couple tables at Ohana that actually do seat three. I believe you’ll probably be fine but I’d have a backup plan just in case Disney turns your extra guest away.