Ohana reservation

How hard will it be to get a Ohana dinner reservation for about 8,0 clock for 9 people at our 180 days dinning plan window?? (August time)
Also what other resturants do you recommend to book early ?

I think you’ll be able to snag it especially if it’s for later in your stay. I was able to get a breakfast reservation for 6 of us at 180+6 and dinner reservation for 6 at 180+7 with no trouble.

As for others to book early, Be Our Guest and Beaches and Cream are always known to go fast. Beaches and Cream is the only ADR I was not able to get.

Good luck!

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When I tried for December at 180+3 for 7 people, the latest available for Ohana on a CL6 was 4:20.

Sci Fi and CRT are also hard to get. All the PPO reservations fill up super early as well.