O'hana or Sanna?

Which restaurant do you like best?

We have plenty of time for either. It will be me, DH, DS14, DS11, DS8. We have never been to either resort. (We would stay at AKL, but we can’t all stay in a standard room.) We will be at AK this day and I originally planned a dinner at O’hana because we were staying at the Poly, but now we are staying at GF. So, either will work.

Ohana would be my choice but if your into African style food Sanna is probably your choice. Personally I don’t care for the spices they use at Tusker House and I have heard Sanna is the same though I have never been there. Been to Ohana many times and love it.

Ohana would be easier to get to from the GF. However, IMO the food at Sanaa is better and it is a quieter restaurant. The bread service alone is worth the trip

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I would do Sanaa! We are planning something similar with either doing Sanaa after our AK day or stand alone on our check out day. I love the resort and I have heard great things about the restaurant. It would be a quick bus ride from AK and then you can always Uber right back to GF if you are tired.

I think staying at the GF you could do some time at the Poly either with Kona or Captain Cook’s for less money/ADR commitment if you just wanted to see that resort too.

Agree on the bread service. We arrived significantly later on our arrival day at AKL than expected and the first thing I did was run down to Sanaa for an order of the bread service to go…and that was knowing we had an ADR there later in the week. Once just wasn’t enough.


Both wicked different in every way possible.

I would look at the menus and decide largely on that.

That said, I love Sana’a but it’s best in daylight.

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I like both, but they are very different. If I had to pick one, it would be Sanaa. As @OBNurseNH said going in daylight is better.