'Ohana or California Grill

Have an ADR for 'Ohana Friday night and an ADR for California Grill on Saturday night. Will only do one due to the $$$$ and want to cancel the other today. Question is, which do you think is best for my wife and I and two kids (ages 15 and 13). We have a fastpass for Wishes on Saturday night so that kind of negates the firework advantage, though I know its a neat perspective up there. Any help is appreciated!! I know they are both great options!

I think it would depend on what kind of food they like. CG is a more upscale setting, not a lot to look at aside from the fireworks, but I LOVE the menu. 'Ohana is more family oriented, IMO, with more to see and look at. CM occasionally engage smaller kids in activities and parades during the meal, which is fun to watch. And there are veggie options, but if your family are confirmed carnivores, the meat just keeps on coming at 'Ohana, all you can eat.

I have to say it would depend on what your family will eat. CG is my favorite and I’d pick that over 'Ohana any day but if you’re looking for a more casual dining experience 'Ohana might be the right choice. Just something to think about… it doesn’t matter how many times you see Wishes… seeing it from the balcony atop CG is breathtaking… every single time. No matter what you choose you’re still in Disney and it will be magical. Have a great trip!!!
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NO comparison on food QUALITY, CG is hands-down the better of the two (CG is one of the best in WDW). It’s also a beautiful restaurant, and even if you’re not there for the FW, the view is amazing. Ohana is an “all the meat you can eat” kind of place; on the whole better than average food, but not even in the same league as CG. The décor is “Polynesian Kitsch” But the kids might find it more entertaining.

Will the cost of CG stop you from ordering what you want? 'Ohana is a great place for the family- one cost.