Ohana or Artist Point dinner for very little ones

Any thoughts on one over the other, considering we’ll have DS4, DS3, and DD1 with us? DD4 loves snow white, but I think Ohana would be more fun overall.

‘Ohana has some games and music but no characters. What would they prefer?

'Ohana only has characters at breakfast.

There would be hula dancing and coconut races?

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Maybe? I’ve only done dinner there one time. It’s been years, but I don’t remember there being activities going on during dinner.

They definitely did hula lessons and coconut races during our first dinner at Ohana. I’m not sure what happened last time. Our table was a bit out of the way and our kids were too old to participate. I feel like there were activities but I’m not positive.

I haven’t eaten at AP yet but one advantage to Ohana dinner with littles is that the food is served pretty quickly so there isn’t a lot of time for littles to get bored and fidgety.

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There was entertainment in dec 2016 but your kids are so young they would need adult supervision. Where are you staying? that would affect my decision

Doesn’t ‘Ohana have notoriously long waits to be seated? That would really put me off going.

There were coconut races during dinner in August 2018. Food was served very quickly, there was a 20 minute wait to be seated. Character meals were definitely a bigger hit with DD4 and DD 9 months during this trip.

Every time I have been (granted only 3 or 4 over the years) we’ve waited forever to be seated for dinner (similar to CP and Coral Reef!) At least once you are seated, the food seems to come around quickly. Maybe not if you need seconds on something though, in my experience. We are trying AP with Snow this upcoming trip.

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When is your trip @TheProphetPaul? There have been some reports of issues with Artist Point (last night no Snow White or Grumpy last night). It may get more consistent with time.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks everyone for your input. I’m planning a trip for Halloween week. Will be staying at Contemporary, so convenience is not a factor, mostly what would the kids enjoy the most. We’ll have breakfast at GF , so I thought Poly for dinner would be fun to complete the monorail tour. But WL is also very inviting, we’re big National Park lovers. I’m starting to lean towards artist point. Thanks again!

You can take to boat from CR to WL!

There’s definitely coconut races. We’ve only ever done dinner and DS has played both times

I have no idea what 4 year olds are like, but I thought AP was really fun. During the course of the meal you’ve got three separate visits to your table: from Snow White, from Grumpy and from Dopey. You’ve got a visit to the Queen. Various other random things happen from time to time. The environment is visually stimulating. There’s all kinds of food — three shared starters, main course, three desserts, chocolate and popcorn. It was a win for me. But I’m 49.

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@profmatt It is actually thanks to you that I became interested in Artist Point. I closely followed your recent trip. It was a little escape for me during the crazy days at home leading up to Christmas.Thanks for taking us all along with you!

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