'Ohana or AP?

Where should we eat? Both menus sound good in different ways. We’ll be going to WL for sure to see Christmas decorations, so that’s more convenient, but we have lots of free time this particular evening. Kids are 8 and 10. No picky eaters in our group. The kids don’t care much about characters, although I think they would be amused by the dwarves and the queen.

I’ve never been to either. I want to go to both but I can’t fit them both into our week, LOL. WWYD?

I’d do Artist Point if the kids don’t care about meeting Lilo/Stitch/Hawaiian Mickey. The characters at both are fun and both resorts are great to visit, but the AP menu and food presentation experience gets the edge for me. It’s really well done and you will remember it! Just save ALOT of room because it’s a ton of food.

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Definitely AP


@natalie_lawy_834189 When are you going? Those are both difficulty ADRs to get.

I don’t think you can go wrong…

I haven’t done "Ohana, but we loved AP. Our meal was delicious and the presentation was so much fun.


I think if you’re looking for an experience, and with kiddos who are not picky, I would choose AP. The dwarfs are great, Snow is sweet, and the queen is so wickedly evil! It’s a fun environment. For me and DH the food was amazing; for our picky eaters it was tough to navigate. Though everyone did enjoy the appetizers and desserts entirely.

'Ohana is great, but less of an event.

Either way know that your 10yo will pay adult pricing. They may order from the children’s menu if they prefer, but that’s expensive pasta :wink: I know - my Disney adult kids did that to me.

If you’re on the dining plan I would push even more for AP as I feel it is a dining experience worthy of being a 2credit meal.


I just can’t figure out how to do both. I wish! I can’t count on getting in at this point anyway, as I leave in 10 days. Ha ha. My 10 year old has been ordering off the adult menu everywhere we go for a couple of years now because she’s very sophisticated. We do have DDP so frankly I would’ve put her down as a 10yo even if she wasn’t yet, just so she’d have adult credits! She also eats more than me most nights lately. #growing

DH leans towards 'Ohana, just based on the menus, but I am The Planner and he trusts me. I told him the boards were pretty unanimous that we should do AP.

@JenniferB1975, our trip is very soon but I do have both ADR’s! I got 'Ohana about 2 months out and actually found two AP bookings (8:55 and 5:40) over the past couple of days.

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We just got back and went to both on our trip. AP was by far the best meal and experience that we had on our trip. Ohana dropped the ball in my opinion. Three words summed up our meal…“cold bread pudding”. Service was spotty too.

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I have read that from other people too. But I’ve never seen anyone complain about AP. This decision is becoming very simple.

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Our service at 'Ohana was fine (we were one of the first seatings in the afternoon) and I expected be blown away by the food, but we just weren’t. DS is a steak fiend, but found the steak to be chewy and tough. I loved the noodles, but everything was just ok for us. I would definitely go with AP if I had the choice!

We did 'Ohana in August (first/maybe only trip) and didn’t do AP. We enjoyed 'Ohana and our server was great but don’t feel like we’d do it again if we go back. Our food was very good but not blown-away-unique-experience good, which is what AP sounds like and then you have the evil queen on top of that. My kids (then 7 and 11) did the coconut broom race and enjoyed it but I think they would have enjoyed AP even more. I liked seeing the Poly, though, and it was the right location for our MK evening plans.

AP it is. Thanks everyone for your insight. :slight_smile: