Ohana - July 3rd

I was able to get a July 3rd ADR for Ohana at 8:30, my original plan was to watch the fireworks from the restaurant because I thought between the crowds and this whole uncertainty with the beaches lately that would probably be a solid plan. But, now DH kind of wants me to try to get an earlier ADR, like 7:30/8 so we can go down to the beach after and watch the show from there. What would you do? I guess my questions are 1. are they going to let us on the beach, have they been letting people on the beach after dusk lately? or is the beach closed only at GF? 2. we’re staying a CBR, will they even let us on the poly beach or are they going to be checking bands? DH thinks that’d only be July 4 and we might be fine since we’re trying to do this all the day before 3. I know the view from the restaurant isn’t guaranteed but is it good enough or am I going to wish we were outside during the show

TIA :wink:

Last I heard was that all the beaches were closed at dusk. You might still be able to find a place to see the fireworks from outside, though.

That’s what I heard, all beaches. I think I’d rather be watching from the restaurant than stuck standing outside somewhere randomly so if no beach I think I’ll keep our original ADR.

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Solid plan. When you get there for your ADR, ask them if Wishes can be seen from the restaurant and bat your eyelashes a bit, or do the puppy eye thing. It won’t hurt to ask for a table by the window. If you get there early, and there’s a way they can do it, they may tell you to wait a few minutes more, but it sometimes happens! It happened for us the last time.

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Last I heard the beaches were opened for fireworks viewing.

I do not think a 7:30 ADR would help. Are the fireworks at 9:00 that night? The July 4th fireworks are amazing! They just may be the best firework in MK- but they are 360 fireworks. They will be beautiful but a different experience.

I would go. It’s my birthday and if I were in WDW for my birthday it would be the best :slight_smile:

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Yes, the fireworks are at 9 on the 3rd and 4th. I still haven’t even seen an earlier ADR open up so we might be keeping ours with no choice. Just wondering if I should be worried about being stuck in the restaurant with possibly no view of them at all. But I think from what I’ve read we’ll at least be able to see something

With an 8:30 ADR you may still be waiting to be seated.