Ohana food/ kids


Can anyone tell me how the food is and if they have a separate kids menu?


I've only had dinner there. Food was a "B" ... but you get unlimited. It's mostly the atmosphere and the unlimited option that's so fun, I think.

Pineapple drinks! Coconut races (for kids)! Highly recommended, if you can get a seat.


I haven't had the breakfast, but I think that the dinner is really good. My favorites would be the noodles and then the bread pudding for dessert.

The kids do not have a separate menu but I have seen the waiters bring out things like mac&cheese or chicken fingers for the kids.


Also hotdogs are available upon request. They will not offer, you will need to ask.




This is exactly what I was wondering. I couldn't see anything on the Disney website menus . Thanks . I really want to try it but didn't know if there would be food for my picky kids to eat