I will be making reservations @ Ohana for our first night there and would also like to watch the fireworks from the beach. I was just wondering what time I need to make the meal reservations for to be done in time to get to the beach and watch fireworks.

I’m new to Disney, so I’m probably not going to be the best answer. However, from everything I have been told, you need to account for about 90 minutes to eat and meet all the characters, so I would eat at least 2 hours before fireworks.

We went in November when MVMCP was scheduled. Our reservation was 8:50. I think we were seated on time and ate for about 40 minutes. Right when we left the fireworks started and we could see them from the lobby and then from the beach. Depending on your trip I would schedule reservations 1-1/2 hrs before fireworks to give you plenty of time to eat and make your way to the beach. It was our last night and it was an awesome send off!

'Ohana can get backed up as the night goes on and you sometimes have to wait to get seated. I would check for Wishes time and schedule at least two hours before Wishes.

I think 90 min would be perfect. Should not be any longer then that! :slight_smile: Have fun!