Ohana early dinner

So loved the TP Ohana review so much... Thinking maybe need to try for dinner there! My one big hang up is that nearly every account of Ohana dinner ever is LATE and long waits.

So my question is this: anybody ever do first seating? And if so is it then a quick seating meaning you're not just standing and waiting endlessly?

We have done first seating twice. No wait!

@jenniemouse good to hear!! I'm thinking that is the way I will have to go- assuming I can even find a ressie.

Good luck! When u going?

We did first seating one year and it was great. Last year our ressie was at 7:30 and they were already running out of chicken. Will definitely do earlier ressie next time.

what is considered 'first' seating? I have two options.. one is 6:25 and the other is 6:40?

@benabi that might be the second group... I found a 5p....