'Ohana Dinner These Days: Still A Must-Do?

I’ve read so many things about the quality going down lately. I’m starting to wonder if all the refurbs have something to do with it. I’m considering dropping our ADR. We’ve been three times and DS insists we must eat there again this year for shrimp. Now that we’re staying at an EP resort, it won’t be super convenient to eat there. Thoughts, Liner Nation?

I wonder about this too. I’ve never eaten there (have only been to WDW once and couldn’t get an ADR.) We did have breakfast there and it was not a very fun experience. It was towards the end of breakfast and the service was horrible. The characters were fun - a trip highlight for my kids - but I felt like there were a lot of angry people around. I’d still like to try dinner someday.

I ate there in June. I loved it!!! The noodles were awesome. The dumplings devine, meat tender! Service lacking slightly, but I could see the castle and electric water pageant from my table. Best restaurant anywhere!!!

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Other posts have made me nervous but I am keeping my Nov. ADR. It is our only dinner ADR (only doing two ADRs this trip due to F&W) and I think my DSis will love it. DH and I went our first trip with kids for dinner and breakfast and loved it. I will watch the reviews on here the next few months and cancel if they keep getting worse.

We’ve been in Jan and June. Both times were great!

Ohana dinner is on my list for our trip in June. I think we will give it a chance.

I think DS and I are going to try it on our next trip while DW and DDs are at CRT. Never had dinner there and feel it is a must try once.

Thought is was really good in April. Had great service, my kids are carnivores and loved the never ending supply of meat. We were very full after, but were still able to eat some of the dessert.

I’ve read recent reviews that were not positive but DH and I had a grand experience in June. Everything was delicious from start to finish. We did have to ask for bread (they forgot) but we liked the salad, the lettuce wraps, the wings and each course to follow. Save room for dessert! We didn’t and we were so sad when it was so delicious and we were so full. I will post a couple photos here tomorrow.

I love 'Ohana. We have dinner there on our 1st park day and are hoping to catch Wishes during our meal. I sure hope it’s as good as I remember it!!

Had it once in 2010 and I was as hyped as you can be for the place. Loved the setting and whole layout, the food was underwhelming.

My favorite thing was the pot stickers which I found out was frozen pre-packed food and the salad (excellent dressing)

The meats were just OK…they were very plain tasting, I found the chicken the best of the bunch. They couldn’t bring me out the beef done anything less than well done. So it was just dry hunks.

Lastly the atmosphere during dinner became much like what you’d see at a chain buffet. Very loud, kids running around, people grabbing food like they’ve never eaten before…

All in all it was a one time experience for us, especially with chicken now removed from the menu and salad being a hidden item.

Thanks all!!! You set my mind at ease. Personally we haven’t had a bad meal there but it’s been year. I polled the kids again last night and 'Ohana still came in at #1 for DS and #2 for DD. Our ADR is 4 hrs after our plane lands, so no leisurely 1st night at the resort for us. (I booked this at 180 when my trip was going to start a few days earlier…found out it was cheaper to fly in this day, switched flights…and boom 'Ohana arrival night.) I guess we’ll watch Wishes from the Poly after (if they’ll still let non-guests view them there) and go to MK EMH after if we’re crazy. Will be strange being at the Poly but not staying there! (1st time we’ll be at another resort.)

We had the worst possible experience at Ohana on Mothers Day. Seated 45mins past adr time, horrible server, though we didn’t let it bother us until the final straw when we’re told “I just gave the last bread pudding to that table,what do you want me to do?”. Ugh! We always ate there 2x on our long trips and never a bad experience before so giving it another chance in Nov despite the one bad night.

Handful of pics from a recent dinner at 'Ohana. Yes I had TWO foofoo frilly cocktails. Don’t judge.

Lettuce Wraps:

Lapu Lapu:

Pot Stickers:

Bahama Mama:


Even with the bad reviews I’ve read, they must be doing something OK? I’ve been checking daily for an ADR in May and everything is booked, unless I want to eat at 9:40pm.

Maybe my dates are hard since we check-in Memorial Day weekend.

Looking for any updated reviews. @VanellopeVonDoom how did your visit go? Anyone been lately?

I went just this last week - we had an ADR for 5pm and were in by 5:20pm - it was great, we all enjoyed it. Skewered meats were steak (tender and pink in the middle), chicken thigh, and shell-on shrimp - all were good and plentiful. Service was great and really friendly. I would not hesitate to go back.


Glad to hear Ellen! Just now I got lucky and got a 5:30pm reservation on our last day. Looking forward to it!

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I forgot about this post! We had breakfast and dinner there in November; both were as good as ever! ETA: I eventually booked a split stay, so that our 'Ohana meals fell on days we were at CR. Super convenient.