'O'Hana Dinner review Sept 2021

4 adults - $220 (no alcohol drinks)
AP 10% discount

Reservation and seating process was very good and timely, our waiter and ‘cousin’ that helped were good guys. We were not rushed, as in previous visits.

The food. B-
The wings and steak medallions had good flavors. Wings were over-cooked. Steak was generally under cooked. I had two medallions that were “blue” temperature. The first skillet of steak, the steak medallions were tough and grissly. With also being under cooked, we were hopeful for our second skillet of medallions, and they were better pieces of steak. The noodles are always good and were for this visit. Peel and eat grilled shrimp were also very good.

Dessert is the pineapple bread pudding with ice cream and amazing carmel sauce.

We would only go back if friends and family want to visit here.

We love to end a day on the Capt Cook terrace with a Spikey Pineapple drink … dole whip with coconut rum. Our final Happily Ever after from the Poly beach.


Are we talking about Catherine O’Hara?? I do love her!! :rofl::rofl:

Your Ohana experience sounds good though. Hope you enjoy the fireworks!!

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They pipe in the music there, right? Is it easy to get a spot to watch, or are all the seats taken? Can you sit on the ground?

You can sit on the ground. I’ve always been able to get a chair up till about 30 minutes before start, sometimes less.

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same as everywhere else right now. Week days, you have the place to get about any selection you want. Weekends the beach gets crowded for the fireworks and electric water parade. Yes, they play the music.

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haha … fixed it.

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So now it’s an Irish pub? :shamrock::shamrock::rofl::rofl::rofl:

How were the fireworks? I hope you all had a lovely time last night :fireworks:.

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