Ohana Dinner Reservation needed for 09/02/18

Hello everyone! I need a dinner reservation for 4 at Ohana on Sept 2nd 2018. I know this is a really hard one to get. I was wondering if anyone out there had a table for dinner that they didn’t plan on using? I would love to get that reservation from you if possible. I know its a long shot. Thanks!!

I don’t have one, sorry. However, have you set it up on the reservation finder?

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I second using the reservation finder! it’s awesome. just got BOG breakfast at 8:25 on a Sat in Oct. Whoo-hoo!

Yes I’ve always had really good luck with TP Res Finder. This particular reservation seems to be illuding me. I’ve got both slots on my res finder for Ohana on Sept 2 with the times ranging from 5pm-7pm. After several weeks with it set like that, I finally got my first text today. I clicked the link that came with the text as usual but the site wouldn’t load. Ran to my computer and again the site wouldn’t load. I called the WDW DINE and by the time I had done all of that the reservation slot was gone. Not sure why the page wouldn’t load for me on multiple devices but it was definitely frustrating. I figured I would try this way as well. Like I said, I know it’s a long shot.