'Ohana Dinner during Fireworks

I have a reservation for 'Ohana that would fall during fireworks. I know that the fireworks can be seen from the restaurant. My question is, are there seats during dinner where would NOT be able to see them? We have been to 'Ohana for breakfast, never for dinner. So, I am not sure how the seating may affect views. If there is a chance that we won’t be able to see the fireworks during the dinner, then I may just cancel the dinner and head down to the beach.
Oh, the reservation is for Sep 29th. So, being able to see the last Happily Ever After is definitely the priority here. But, we will be flying in just before that and won’t be going into the park.

Only a few tables by the windows have a view. I’d definitely reschedule if I were you.

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Can you make the dinner earlier and then walk to the beach afterwards for the fireworks?

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We will be pushing it to even get there based on our flight arrival.

Then eat a quick meal at capt cooks and go out on the beach instead.


I don’t believe this is the case. I know the ones against the windows obviously have the best views. But, I have been there a few rows back and seen the castle from my seat. I have also watched videos of the fireworks from a similar location. You can see them if you are not right against the windows. Although, obviously it is better against the window.
So, I guess I am looking for anyone with experience of being in locations there where you could not see the fireworks. Like, what are the percentage of tables where you can’t see them at all.

Also, rescheduling isn’t really an option here. It is the night we fly in, the last day of HEA, and we are just trying to get as much of a “guarantee” to see them as possible. The beach is another option for sure. But, trying to see what my chances are of having a good seat after traveling in.

Capt. Cooks has been considered. That’s why I am on this quest to determine my chances of being able to see from 'Ohana.

My personal take is that if not getting a seat to view the fireworks is a deal breaker, just cancel it and go to plan b.
Because everyone who checked in before you is also going to ask for a view of the fireworks and not everyone can be accommodated.


I hear that. The only reason I am even considering it really is that we have never had 'Ohana for dinner, and I feel like I may want to be assured a seat (instead of standing at the beach) after a day of travel.

So, I am just trying to see what the odds of successful views at 'Ohana are.

In all likelihood, we will end up out on the beach. But, I really don’t want to cancel this ressie until I know for sure.

Some more details just to get the scope of what I am trying to pull off here.

Flight scheduled to land at 6:20p
Staying at Pop Century. (may or may not go there first) Might take uber or other transport directly to Poly.
Current Reservation is at 7:50
HEA is at 8:15.

In the pre covid era, Ohana was ALWAYS behind. With your ADR being that close, you may still be in the lobby at 8:15. I don’t know if they are still like that though

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The may or may not has a lot to do with how we end up packing. Only there a few days for the 50th. So, we can probably get all of our stuff into our own backpacks, but then there is the souvenirs that we will undoubtedly pickup during the festivities. So, I will likely have an additional carry on or checked bag. And might not want to take that with us to Poly.

Oh, pre-covid I would probably not even consider this because of how late they always ran. That’s mostly why we have never ate dinner there. But, based on our trip a month ago. Dining was much more on schedule now. Of course, no guarantee that it still will be by then. And I haven’t heard how 'Ohana has been since reopening.

I’ve had seats at 'Ohana that faced the resort and you could not see MK at all.

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Yikes! That’s a tight schedule. I hope you make it to the ADR on time. 'Ohana usually runs behind. I doubt you would be seating before 8:15.

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Just updating to say that I did make it to the beach in time. I would not have made it to the dinner reservation. Our plane even arrived at the gate about 20 min early.

Was a great show and so glad we made it for the final HEA.

Hope the next few days go this smooth.