Ohana dinner and fireworks on the beach

My son and I have an Ohana ADR at 7:35pm. Is this enough time to be seated, eat and enjoy dinner and then make it to the beach without running (since we will most certainly be stuffed to the gills)? Do we need to move our time earlier??

What time are the fireworks the night you’ll be there?

Fireworks are at 9.

Probably not going to pull that off. May be better off asking for a table by the windows on check in. You may have to wait a little bit but it would be worth it.

If they are on time you would probably juuuuuust make it to the beach. The trouble is they aren’t always on time. This is one of the places we hear most about people having waits significantly past their “reserved” time.


Thanks! I have to admit that I have never been to Poly before but we are looking forward to a wonderful night there. I think I’ll try to move the time earlier so we can make it to the beach. I’ve read from other Liners that others ‘join’ at the table for fireworks and I think that would freak my 13yo son out.

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