‘Ohana Dining reservation parking

How far in advance of my reservation at ‘Ohana will they allow me to park at the Polynesian? We have a 6:00 dinner reservation and we were planning on going to MK for a few hours before hand.

It probably depends largely on precisely when. Though I have been hearing that they’ve been cracking down on timeframes. @kerrilux was recently turned away at one of the monorail resorts because her dinner reservation was too many hours away.

I would not expect to be able to park there; I would plan on parking at TTC but try at Poly first. It’s super close anyway

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When you tap your band they can see your plans for the day…if you have FPs or ADRs at MK they will know what you are up to and be less likely to let you in. At least that’s what happened to us at GF.

Honestly, I think it’s worth trying. We had an ADR at 'Ohana for breakfast and then we had plans to go to MK. When we arrived at the gate, they scanned my MB and said “Oh, I see you guys are going to MK this afternoon, if you want you can leave your car here.” And then I was directed where to park. If they won’t let you park early, then you can park at the TTC as @OBNurseNH said and just walk to the Poly.

Thanks everyone! We’re planning on just going to magic kingdom today so we might not try parking there that early.

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