Ohana breakfast

Construction ruining Ohana breakfast? We have never been and ds says he wants to have breakfast with stitch. But… Not ready to shell out the cash if construction will hinder our experience :slight_smile: thanks!

We are going in oct :slight_smile:

We are going on 9/15. From review it does not look too bad. Hopefully, someone who just got back can give us the lowdown.

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We were there the end of July construction had no effect then. I don’t know if anything has changed in the last 3 weeks. The only difference was where you checked in and waited.

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just got back 1 1/2 wk ago. dinner at Kona, in spite of my feeling that I would whine to fam re construction debacle, so I promised them no whining haha.

definitely a debacle. you know that movie Beetlejuice, when they open their houses door and outside looks like I don’t know what? my adult son and I took a walk around with the little restless 2yr Dgd, to see the destruction, incl the missing/blocked off lobby. boohoo. nostalgia, for ol good memories of good ol poly, from his very young days.

that said, we did recover in a few minutes, and told one another that disney rarely disappoints with new building etc, hoping that good ol poly will be cool and fresh with its new look. in fact my son had an interesting observation - said it really actually need a face lift, after all. so sometimes we old fashioned folks, resisting change, have to look at that bright side of change.

so did it affect our enjoyment of dinner at Kona. not really, food was some of best we had all week, service great, my Dgs gobbled up/loved the mickey shaped ravioli, and never eats ravioli at home! go figure.

plus I got to whine a bit, haha.

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Thanks @staza! Having such a hard time deciding to do Ohana breakie this oct or maybe hold off till next year to enjoy the remodel :slight_smile: kona is on my list of must try someday too! Thanks again!!