O'hana and fireworks

Currently have an ADR for O’hana at 8:15 and fireworks are at MK are scheduled at 9. I have some questions for those that have experienced the fireworks while dining at O’hana.
1 - is 8:15 a good ADR time to be able to watch the fireworks from the restaurant? How long does dinner usually last?
2 - Would it be better to move the ADR to a earlier time and then go watch the fireworks from the Poly beach? Which view is better?

Ooooh we actually had an 8:15 or 8:30 Ohana dinner two years ago and somehow ended up with a seat right by the window, most amazing view of the fireworks ever!! They pipe in the music too so it’s really cool. I think you will be good with that time. You’ll be eating a bit after 8:15 anyway, and it takes a little while for the whole spread, and then dessert. And it’s not as though they’re going to rush you out if you want to leisurely enjoy your dessert and enjoy the fireworks, many people do that! It was even recommended to us by a CM. Enjoy, you’ll love it!

We book Ohana for fireworks almost every trip. Your time sounds great. We always arrive early and ask for a window with a view and tell the cm we don’t mind waiting for a good table. The music and lights dimmed add to the experience.

Fabulous! I’ll keep the reservation as is then. Plus this is our first of 7 nights so I suppose we could always watch from the Poly beach another night.