Oh Wise Liners..advice for arrival day 8/27 FOP newbies? Should i play the

Hi! We are arriving to MCO at 9am on 8/27. I was really hoping to tour AK (we love it!) CL1 that day. Looks like FOP FP is already gone. Should we risk a SDD, get in line near park close (DS/DD 5/8), or move our AK to the day we fly out (9/3 CL1, flight at 805pm, would be late arrival due to MNSSHP)?
Option 1: Arrival day 8/27 CL1: risk a Same day drop for FOP or get in line at park close
Op 2: Departure day 9/3 CL1 : late arrival but would have a FOP FP hopefully
Op 3: go from a 4 ->5 day park ticket so we can tour both days. (wanted to save money)

Someone more experienced than I am may have better ideas, but I would consider booking Na’vi on arrival as your Tier 1 FP and trying to modify it at one of the same day drop times, or just booking the two Tier 2 FPs, and try to use your free Tier 1 to pickup at one of the SDD times. We were able to pick up a FOP SDD at the 11am drop (shout out to @missoverexcited for the tip on chat!) by modifying our Na’vi FP.

I’d also see if you could add a 5th day after you have started using your tickets. Not sure if you can do this, but someone else will.

I wouldn’t try to ride at the end of the night your first night if you are RDing the next day unless its a short day, but my family gets worn out by non stop park easily.


In order of MY preference…

5 day ticket

  • Try the drop times AND go on your last day of trip
  • Do NOT stay until/after park close because it is a travel day which can be deceivingly tiresome
  • You will not want to ruin day 2 with tired/cranky kids
  • FOP warrants a second ride for most everyone I have come across

AK on last day

  • You don’t want to leave it to chance for a ride on FOP

AK on arrival day

  • May the odds be ever in your favor

I’m glad it worked out for you!

Yes you can add another park day right up to the last day.


I’m a newbie as well, so take my advice for what it’s worth. 8/27 is our AK day and we could book fast passes today as we arrive on 8/25. As of this minute, there are 4:30 PM fast passes for FOP on 8/27, so you might luck out.

Again, FWIW, we took a 6:20 PM fast pass at 7 am this morning, but I have already been able to modify it to 4:15 PM. (and I will continue to try for earlier to allow us an afternoon break). If we couldn’t get a FOP fast pass, I was planning on trying for three tier two’s with the hope of a same day modify or grabbing a fourth fast pass at the drop times.

Good luck!


I’m also a newbie and we’re planning to be at AK on 8/27. On Sunday morning (60+4) the earliest FP time slot I could get for FOP was 4:25pm. But I’m going to keep checking to see if we can bump it earlier and then try for another FP with same day drop.

I think @mariaz3’s suggestion makes sense for Option 1, but if you’re willing to go for option 3 you could both book Na’vi for 8/27 and try to modify and also try for a 9/3 FOP FP.

@allison218, maybe we’ll see you in the FOP FP line! I have tried a few times to modify our FOP but no luck yet. Were you using the app or computer? (I’ve tried both but wondering if one has better modify luck than the other.)

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It was on my computer. Is one supposed to be better than the other? I plan to keep trying to modify the fast pass to earlier, so I’d love to look the best way possible.

I’m not sure! I’ve been trying both, but find the computer faster to get to the modify point. I don’t think either is supposed to be better but I remember reading something that indicated the times it shows you can be context-dependent. When I was modifying times on my FP selection day what was available depended on which FP I was modifying. It probably doesn’t make a difference, but I was wondering if one platform vs the other would show more options.

I think my suggestion will work for all three options, if you’re unable to get a FOP fastpass. (As a possibility, since picking up a same day drop isn’t ever guaranteed :wink: )
I think the thing that helps for the 11:01 same day drop is that most people haven’t used all three of their fast passes for that day yet, so the only people who can pick up a FP at 11:01 are those with a Tier 1 available to modify, or that hasn’t been booked yet. We modified our expired unused Na’vi FP (originally for 9:35-10:35), and at 11:01 we were able to select 1:10 or 1:45 for our FOP time choices.
@allison218 I was a newbie doing this as well in the parks, so someone with more experience may correct me. :grinning: