Oh TP Gods/Goddesses....did I do all this right?

Haven’t been to Disney since all this FP plus, magic bands, and fast passes on the cell phone has happened. Husband is just a grump about waiting in lines so I am really trying to preplan to minimize our wait times. Thankfully we are early risers (DD9 is always up at 6:15 am) so we will easily be able to make the rope drops. We are going June 12-16, with most parks at a level 7 on the days we plan to go. At the 60 day point on I got on MDE and got the following FP for our stay.

Day 1 Magic Kingdom-- Big Thunder 9:30, Splash 10:30, Seven Dwarves- 12:35
Day 2 Epcot- Mission Space- 9:30, TT 10:40, Meet Disney Pals 12:20

Day 3-Chill at hotel/pool

Day 4- HS-- RR- 9:05, Voy.LM- 10:30, Tower Terror 11:00
Day 5- AK— EE- 9:35, Safari- 10:45, Kali RR 12:05

Whew…I plugged all those FP times into my touringplans. I selected the touring plan for tweens at each park (DD is 9) and then set it to optimize for relaxed walking/balanced.
Now, I guess all I do is go to the park and follow the order in which it recommends I ride.
After I have stepped through the line at my last preplanned FP of the day, I can log onto MDE APP on my phone and check to see if there are any other FP available for the rest of the afternoon.
Whew----is that all? I was in the Navy and once landed a Marine Expeditionary Unit in Kuwait with less planning than this trip has taken!!!
Did I cover all the bases?



When I optimized the AK plan it had us riding Kali River Rapids at 9:05 without our FP, even though we have a FP for it at 12:05. Not sure I want to get soaked at 9:05 am, however.

What I do is drop KRR from my plan, optimize, and then add it back into the plan as the last step and evaluate.

Your FP sound great :slight_smile: You can always adjust your touring plans! If you are skipping all over the park and put it in order how you want it. :slight_smile: Just an idea :wink: On you FP you have to do them at the kiosks! When you add the extra ones you can’t add them on you MDE App.

I would take rain coats, if you have them! If not bring an extra sit of clothes! I got soaked and thought it was fun, not so fun when your walking in wet jean material on a very hot day!

We always just try to dress carefully on AK day to deal with Kali. Avoid cotton clothes, especially jeans - wear stuff that wicks away water like Under Armour performance stuff and even if you get soaked it’s not that bad as you dry fast. Might be a good day for flip flops or Crocs too. Works relatively well for us. The other option is ponchos, but carrying around rain gear isn’t fun either…

sounds like you’re doing great. Remember that your TP was made by a computer that doesn’t have the logic of a human. So just tweak your plans according to what makes sense to you and press evaluate instead of optimize at this point. I’d definitely move KRR to its FP time and put in Dinosaur and Primevil Whirl before your EE FP.

I’m sure all your planning will pay off and this trip will be more fun than the Navy :slight_smile:

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Thanks all! Yes, I will try to not be “married” to the plan as we have a 9 year old daughter and I am sure we will stop for snacks and photo ops and if a ride has a super short line, hop on it two times in a row throwing off the whole pre planned timeline of the day. :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that as of April 16th, you could now may additional FP reservations from your phone while you are in the park (after your 3rd preplanned FP had been used).
Is that the case or do you still have to run all over to the various kiosks? Thanks

You can now make additional FP from your phone

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Hi I thought you could use the app to make the additional FPP’s now. Am I mistaken?

Yes, you can now add 4, 5, 6 etc on your cell phone.

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You might want to consider for DD9—Instead of fp Little Mermaid, have you considered fp Frozen? Little Mermaid doesn’t need a fp (imho)
The seating for fp at Frozen were better than stand by-- and you will want to be closer up to experience the snow and see everything.

I am actually not a huge Frozen fan; but I LOVE the sing a long. And my dh (and kids do as well) So we have to see it several times. I am not looking at your tp for that day-- so you may have it all worked out.

Great, thanks. Even though I went on for FPplus at the 60 day mark, all the Frozen FP were out. I will keep that in mind, she would much rather do Frozen. We only got the Mermaid because it was one of the ones available. Will keep trying for Frozen.

Just went on MDE to check on the Frozen fp at HS and sure enough…it was available…but not until 5:05. I gave up the Voyage of Little Mermaid earlier in the morning to take the Frozen pass. Now I will just keep stalking to see if I can get one earlier in the day so we don’t have to wait until 5:05 to try for more FPs in the park.

That’s so weird that you had problems with FP for Frozen at 60 days. I got at 30 days for early afternoon with no problem for a busy day during vacation week. I would keep trying to switch the time.

I see 10:05 available now. So keep looking.
(I was looking at June 15th-- I think I calculated correctly that is your HWS day)

:joy: So TRUE!

I can also see available the 10:05 FPP for Frozen Sing a Long for 6/15. Looking at your scheduled FPPs though the Little Mermaid would be a conflict meaning Disney would hide it from your view. I would drop Little Mermaid and check. If it turns out 10:05 Frozen is gone, I’ll bet Little Mermaid still will be perfectly available for the pick up again.