Oh no, I have had my MK tp optimized for weeks now. I just went to print it and somehow it is now.....totally gone....?

How do I get the old plan back? I hit the back button but it doesn’t seem to be able to take me back.

Did you re-evaluate or optimize before hitting the print button?

Hi, Hit evaluate and then the order all changed and now none of my Fastpasses are entered?
I hadn’t printed the optimized plan yet. I hit evaluate just to see if it would update any wait times. Yikes. The new plan adds over 90 additional minutes of waiting in line time. I had actually taken a pic of the MK touring plan on my phone a couple of days ago but just delete all those photos some to clear some memory for the trip. We leave this afternoon. Dang it. I don’t have time to fiddle with this right now.

Evaluate shouldn’t have changed the order. It will probably show the new order, but you could try finding the TP in the list in your dashboard (right side, near the bottom) and see if that has the old one still.

Will try. I know, I was shocked evaluate changed it??? And also all the FP times I entered are now gone up top, too. So strange. I tweaked that plan all week…so bummed.

Ok, this is so strange. I have great FP for 9:30, 10:30 and 12:30 for BTMR, Splash Mtn and Seven dwarves and the plan is now saying it isn’t using the FP “because they may take longer” etc. BUT that makes no sense since my wait time with the FP was 5 min and now without it like 50 minutes??? What in the world happened? How do I force it to accept the FP. There IS NO WAY not using them makes any sense and the new plan that popped up without using them adds of 2 hours of wait times to my day compared to my old optimized plan. WTH???

If you go to the “advanced options” in the fastpass box, there is a checkbox to force it to use the fastpasses

I am a little late in this conversation, but did you check to make sure that you entered the correct “AM” or “PM”? What you are describing with your FP happened to me once and after hours of pulling my hair out, I realized I put in “PM” instead of “AM”!

“May take longer” doesn’t necessarily mean for THAT particular ride. It means that OVERALL you may end up waiting longer in lines because using the FPP will impact your arrival time at some other attraction