Oh My Gosh!

My mother in law is amazing!

She just gifted us the money for our entire WDW trip. I’m just flabbergasted.

DH and I got married almost 3 years ago. I was single for 40 years and my family never really had that much money to just give away. She not rich either, but she’s in her 70’s and has some extra she’s wanted to give out sometimes. I’m not really comfortable taking money, but I’ve realized that it’s not really gracious to argue.

I was planning on spending a couple years paying the trip off. :open_mouth: We decided to take DS now because he’ll be 16 in September and has never been to Disney. We wanted to experience that with him before he’s out of high school.

I just cannot believe that actually happened and had to share!


Congrats! It sounds like she wanted to use her money to see her family happy. Happy planning!


That’s fabulous!! Congratulations!!


Congratulations! That’s quite wonderful!


That is so wonderful!!!

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Yay!! What a wonderful gift and I hope y’all make wonderful memories to share with her when you get back home!


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That’s amazing!! What a great gift!

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