Oh how I hate packing.... what would you do?

We are leaving Saturday for WDW for 8 days/7 nights. I am not worried much about myself. but packing for the kids is killing me (girls age 2 & 6) The forecast is cool. What would you bring? 7 pants, 7 long sleeved shirts, 7 t shirts, 3 sweatshirts… omg it’s a ton. No shorts? Shorts? Sandals? Just sneakers? Ugh I hate it so much. Someone talk me off the edge lol

Are you flying? If you are driving, I’d just go ahead and overpack.

The forecast doesn’t look very sandals-y. I think when your feet are warm you can tolerate other temps being cooler…

Two year olds are so little, so their clothes are too. They are also sort of messy. I wouldn’t scrimp there.

Can you get by with just two sweat shirts? Can you rewear jeans on the 6 year old? I’d probably take one pair of shorts.

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You’ll be fine. We are taking the same vacation as you. Bring clothes for all types of weather. We are packing mostly pants and layers for tops - short sleeve, long sleeve, fleece and rain jackets. Maybe one pair shorts, sneakers and swim wear and sandals for the pool. I don’t like doing laundry on vacation but may have to.


Yes, we are flying. We want to fit everything for the 4 of us into 2 large suitcases and 2 carry ons. I would pack a suitcase each because we have free luggage for being card holders, but there is no way we can manage all that luggage and 2 kids at the airport. Did I mention I hate packing?
The 2 yr old goes thru 2 shirts a day at home. What a messy kid she is.
Maybe I will have the 6 yr old re-wear.
Thoughts on jackets? Will sweatshirts be enough?
1 pair of shorts each and no sandals. Thanks for that!

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Do you have any of those cheapy gloves that are like $1 each and stretch? Warms hands and feet make a difference.

Rolling clothes helps get them into suitcases! Are the sweatshirts hoodies? Fleece?

Gloves! Yes I will go to the dollar store. Is packing hats going too far?
Regular hoodies… Maybe a vest or two?

We’re leaving tomorrow and we’re packing mostly long sleeve shirts and pants for our DS2. We’re bringing some sweatshirts and a few short sleeves for alternates. We’re also bringing hats and a warm blanket for the stroller. The forecast went up a bit over the last few days, but some of the evenings were calling for 40s. That’s cold to stand out waiting for the fireworks!

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I would bring hats for the kids fleece and light rain coats.

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Are you taking afternoon breaks? If so, that’s a great time to do a load of laundry, cutting your packing in half.


i’m have the same packing issues!! it’s overwhelming trying to fit everything for everyone for every type of weather!! and we are flying… DS6 and DS10… and the 10yr old fits small adult clothes… so it’s like packing in full for 3 adults! and extra shoes plus all the bathroom essentials and meds and ponchos and jackets… OH MY!!! i’m glad i’m not the only one in a slight freak-out mode for packing… we fly out Saturday as well! i’m sure part of my anxiousness is that pre-vacation panic mode!!!

Well, just remember if you forget something Disney will be happy to sell it to you at twice the price.


I’m a huge fan of the midday break with a trip the laundry room. Most Disney laundry rooms are conveniently located by the pools making laundry mixed with fun feasible!

Have you tried to do a soft packing to see what fits? My DH and I can share 1 large suitcase for a 10 day trip with no problem if I do laundry part way. DD can pack for a 10 day in a carryon rolling luggage. We’re also chronic overpackers.

Always take a bathing suit and flipflops to Disney. Plus 2 pairs of park shoes per person - 1 pair I’m usually wearing at the airport.

Definitely hats and gloves.

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exactly what I want to avoid hahahaha!!!

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i’ve given it a couple of attempts… but then get flustered and walk away… mind is set to nail it down thursday tho and let it be!!

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We are taking breaks. I am sure I will have to do one load along the way so I may as well just expect it…

@Hollan24 OMG The anxiety!!! Lol. If I had someone to carry all the luggage I would pack another bag and stop stressing. Is 2 too young to roll a suitcase??? hehehe

Also don’t under estimate the value of the $5 rental for the luggage cart at the airport :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to be there at the same time, and what I’d consider is whether you or anyone in your family runs warm. I’m planning on bringing a couple pairs of shorts and plan to wear mostly short-sleeves and just bring a hoodie if needed. After walking all around the parks, I get warm, so this weather sounds perfect to me (minus the rain!).

If you don’t plan to do the pool/hot tub, you won’t need sandals/flip-flops, but I plan to get in some time there and will be bringing mine along.

Whatever you end up doing, I think you’ll have room with the two big suitcases and two carry-ons! Depending on how much you want to buy in the parks, anyway! :wink:

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@fizzymint We are from Boston so I don’t know why I am so worried. It was 2 degrees here yesterday lol.

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Hahaha! I’m from Portland, OR so honestly the 60s will be perfect, and your neck of the woods is even icier! I think we’ll all have a great time. :sunny:

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