How busy is it now that the Christmas crowds are dying off? I have a res for next Tuesday evening, but we are doing HS again on Sat the 25th before we fly out. I have been trying to get a reservation for noon/afternoon for a final adult beverage before leaving Disney. Could we get in if we wait a bit?

I don’t accurately know, but my educated guess is that if you’re having a hard time getting a reservation… it’s probably still pretty swamped for a walk up.

You will need a reservation. They are turning away ppl without them.

I wasn’t able to get a reservation on Monday, so I did walk-up, just to see. We walked up at 4:30pm and were seated with a drinks in hand by 4:50pm. I would imagine it is busier on a Saturday, but not necessarily impossible.


Ugh…the reservation finder found me a res, but I didn’t see it until this morning and now it’s gone. BOOOO

We did Oga’s last week with a ressie and still had to wait in a rather lengthy line. Unless you are a huge Star Wars fan, our entire partly of 6 did not think it was worth the time or cost.

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When we went in September, we had a reservation, so we got in fairly quickly. They basically had two lines one for reservations and the other for walk ups. We went at mid day and the walk up line was not much longer than the reservations.