Oga's Reservation

When do the reservations open for Oga’s at Disneyland? Site say 14 days which is today but it’s 6:25am pacific. Am I too early in the day? It’s a Tuesday (today) and trying to reserve for Tuesday two weeks from now. Do they count one of those days in the 14? The Monday is almost all booked so I don’t want to miss my chance for an afternoon for 5.

They start at 7am (PST)… So you are a little early. GL!!

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Bumping this thread - I may be making a last-minute trip to DLR in November and was curious if anyone knows:

  1. Is the reservation period still 14 days in advance? Or is it 60 like other dining?
  2. Has anyone had luck with standby recently? What kind of a wait?

I will be traveling Solo (pun intended) this time.

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Must still be 14 days. I’ve been checking from time to time just in case for a trip the first week of December. Since it’s within 60 days, it is available to check for reservations, but the times you can choose to check go up until 10am, then nothing until 4pm. No matter what time I choose there is nothing available, even if I go down to a 1 person.

With 1 person you should be good regardless for standby, but I’d get a reservation at 14 days anyway, even if you end up cancelling.


I just saw this article and it says beginning October 21st, reservations will be available 60 days in advance.