Oga's reservation past hours not working with TP?

Hello! I currently have an Oga’s reservation for after park close - DHS is due to close at 9pm on 10/6, and our reservation is at 9:55pm. I wanted to add it to our TP for the day, just to have it on there to complete the list of things we’re planning, but I can’t - the plan wont let me extend plan hours past park hours, and I can’t optimize or evaluate with the reservation marked at its correct time. If Disney allows these reservations past park hours, its seems like TP should have a mechanism to account for that. Do I just have to leave it off?

You have to just leave it off, yes. The touring plan is essentially for attractions so it’s only for official opening hours. You can make a note on your last step I think.

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I would consider adding it right before closing (lie about the time).if you want the plan to leave you near there at the end of the night!