Oga's reservation after park close

If I already posted about this, please forgive me, it’s been rattling around in my brain for a few days and I just can’t remember if I’ve actually asked the question “out loud”! I snagged a reservation for Oga’s on Tuesday March 16th at 8:40 pm - park close is at 8. I’ve seen posts from last year saying that this was not a glitch, that Oga’s really was taking reservations after closing time, but does that remain true now?

I can’t 100% confirm for Oga’s but I know that there are several restaurants taking after close reservations. Hopefully that is the case for yours - I assume so, otherwise you shouldn’t have been able to get one! It’s also possible they will extend hours closer to your trip, so your reservation may end up being during park hours anyway. Have fun!

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Also, “closing” is when they stop letting guest in the park or on attractions, it still takes an hour or more to clear a park.

I’ve been in the parks so many times after closing, to wander and shop and enjoy a less crazy bus ride back to the hotel, but I’ve never had a reservation past closing time - I can’t wait to see GE after dark!


I know 50’s takes ADRs up to an hour past close. I had an ADR for exactly closing time one night. I thought it will be great, have a relaxing dinner then stroll out thru an empty park. I saw people seated as I was leaving 45 minut6after close and more people waiting outside. And the park was far from empty.