Oga's Cantina with Children

Me and my daughter (10 years old) are going to DLR (4-days trip).

I have read some reviews that Oga’s Cantina is really crowded and loud, but we really want to give a try.

Is this place suited for a 10 years old ?
I was thinking going mid-morning (something between 10:00 and 11:30).
I guess it would be quieter in the morning than at night; is that a good assumption ?

Thanks !

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Great question. I’m anxious to hear some feedback too. Going with another family with 4 kids between us ranged from 4 to 8. Also wondering if there’s 4 adults and 4 kids, what the odds would be that we’d have a table to sit at. I think your situation would be a lot easier with only two of you and with a 10 year old. Finding a spot shouldn’t be too bad.

I think they’d love the non-alcoholic drinks, but wondering if it’s a comfortable experience with kids and whether it would be worthwhile.

I’m leaning towards doing it just to see it all though.

I was just there on the 14th. We had reservations for 7:20pm and got in at about 7:35. Children are allowed in there, however most children didn’t seem to be enjoying it. Keep in mind your reservation doesn’t guarantee you a seat. In fact there are very few seats in there, just a few booths along the wall as you walk in. Most places are at the bar or tables that you stand at. We saw several parties with kids and many children were sitting under the tables playing games etc. It feels very much like a well lit night club, with the loud music and bar. Also keep in mind that the drinks are all ready mixed, so there is no “customization “ of your beverages. It was a cool experience and I am glad I got to do it, but I am also not in a hurry to go back. I don’t recommend making reservations during the heat of the day, because you will be waiting to get into the cantina in the sun.


I have been 3 times now, once with adults and twice with my DD17 this past weekend. Kids are allowed, but they all looked bored to me. Most sitting on the floor if they didn’t get a table. We also sat with kids about 7 and 9 years old on Thursday night (only time we got a seat), and they appeared to be bored out of their skulls. Their parents enjoyed it. The kids could have just been exhausted though, it was 10:30pm. The drinks are fun (even the non alcoholic ones) and we really liked the strange looking snack mix.

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Also, the size of your party does not matter when it comes to getting a seat. It is strictly what is available at the time. The 2 times we went this weekend, the Cantina was not overly crowded like it was opening day. Opening day, it was packed and you could barely move in there. This weekend, it was a much more normal amount of people. There weren’t tables not being used or anything, they just put 4 people where they seemed to sit/stand 8 on opening weekend.

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I haven’t even thought of bringing my 10yo daughter that late (10:30pm) in what we could call a “bar”.
I think I could give it a try at 10:30am, maybe just for 20-30 minutes.

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Go for it! It’s not like you can’t leave right away if you don’t like it. They do have 2 different breakfast “foods” as well.

We haven’t done it mostly because of the logistics of bringing kids like what has already been described (ours are 8,6 and 2 so keeping a 2 yr old entertained especially if we don’t get a seat seems more like a chore than anything).

In passing by the atmosphere seems VERY loud at all times & at no time did it feel any rowdier than any other time of day so as long as your daughter will be good with the noise level it should be fun.


how are reservations made? Do you have to be in the park? or is it at 60 days out? Planning a trip for the end of august. have not done swge yet since deluxe has been blocked.

You can make them on the DL app. They are day of only, starting at 7am. You do not have to be in the park. You pick your time, and have to give them a name for each member of your party. They will charge you $10 per person if you no-show. Also, no changes or cancellations so pick your time wisely. It is really pretty easy once you find where to go on the app.

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News just broke that Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Workshop are moving to a 2-week reservation window:

According to the link, some same-day reservations will be held back.