Oga's Cantina - Why is it so easy to book Oct/2019?

I thought it would be worse than booking Be Our Guest, but could actually book lunch 10/24/19 and dinner 10/28/19. Could it be that the anticipated crowds will not materialize?

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They added more times overnight, so in the early hours for the US!

It was mobbed yesterday, and the entire dining booking went down.


Thanks for posting! After giving up yesterday, I just saw your post and tried again. Booked with no problem in first week of Oct!


Seems I ran out of luck, apparently. Trying to book Droid Depot and keep getting “something wrong” message. Will try in a few days. Booking from the Netherlands, by the way, so yes I am a little "ahead’ in time.


Am I losing my mind (don’t answer that) but the date now for booking dining is DD/MM/YY format. Wasn’t it MM/DD/YY before yesterday?

13.25 for a beer…I may rethink this.


Are you on the U.K. site by any chance?

I have read you are under no obligation to purchase anything. We will likely just go in for the experience


omg - how did I do that? Yes, that is it

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Must be that receding brain :wink::joy:

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yes indeed

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Since it’s not a full serve sit down restaurant and they are implementing a 45 minute time limit, that should allow for more available time slots for reservations.

A lot of people were having trouble with that until they changed to incognito mode and switched to the US English site version? That seemed to fix their issues.

Oh man! I tried to get Reservations for “Breakfast” 10/29 and nothing is available, but I do have a res for Savi’s at 3:00pm … so I guess its EEMH for Smugglers run and then hang out in the park all day until 3pm for that res.

I mean we have some plans for that day like Toy Story Mania and some of the Shows like Beauty and The Beast, but not a whole lot planned for HS. But I am glad they have advance reservations for Savi’s!! That makes planning easier! I’m not complaining, but would’ve liked to have another TO DO on the list for SWGE.

I was on Oga’s immediately for 8/30 and had my pick of anytime after 10:30 am. There was nothing available for “Breakfast.” Either it is not open for breakfast initially or they have not released it yet based on what I saw.

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That certainly could be the case. I would not think that breakfast would continually be sold out with all sorts of availability for lunch and dinner.

thx for the heads up. i couldn’t get Oga’s for Oct/nov, Dec or Jan last night despite hours of trying but just got all three!

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I got 2 Oga’s reservations and a droid depot reservation on 10/29 with zero problem for pretty much the exact times I wanted (yesterday, late morning). But some things to keep in mind, this is the day they opened and there was no (+10) advantage of anyone coming before us. And also, the general public still has no idea about this. Yes it was overloaded, but I attribute that to people booking 180 days worth of reservations on one day more than anything else.

Prices are absolutely ridiculous. I am going to try the Gold Squadron Lager just to say I’ve had one but that’s my one and done.

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