Oga's Cantina Res After Park Closing

We were able to book an ADR at Oga’s in HS at 7:30pm, but the park closes at 7pm. Has anyone actually done this? What is the latest reservation you can obtain? It looks like 8pm is the latest option in the system. Is that true? If I get a chance I would modify to 8pm, but I’m worried they are going to say, no, that was a glitch in our system, we will not honor that.

This isn’t a glitch. They are accepting reservations after official park closing. They will somewhat walk you out of the park after your reservation from what others have reported. We’ve got one for 7:45 this Sunday, but I’m not sure if there are actual times for later than that.

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I am optimistically hoping that this maybe a sign that they will be extending HS park hours


Me too @Agent355

Fabulous, thanks for that info!