Oga's Cantina in times of Covid

I tried the search function but info seems outdated. I was wondering if anyone who has experienced Oga’s Cantina recently might be able to shed some light on these questions:

  1. How long did it take for you to enter with your reservation?
  2. Any special check in procedures? Like give us your number and we’ll call you?
  3. What happens if you arrive late - how much time do they give before they just cancel your reservation? Same as a regular ADR?
  4. We are a family with DD8 and DS4. I’ll be there for the alcohol but family for the ambiance. Can anyone tell me if their kids enjoyed the experience?

For reference, DD8 loves Scifi and BOG although I believe both are a sad excuse for a restaurant. DS4 loves anything that smokes and has lights.

Immediate entry

Checked in 10 mins ahead via app, told them who we were on receiving table ready text (which, again, was immediate)

No idea.

My son was definitely leery of it before we went in. It turns out, he later told us, that he was worried it was a place where kids shouldn’t be. I guess because it’s a bar and only a bar? Anyway, he was super tentative about it but as soon as we got in there and were seated and he saw that it wasn’t at all inappropriate for him to be there he settled right down. Both kids (DS13, DD17) enjoyed sampling the nonalcoholic drinks over our two visits but they both say the carbon freeze was the best of them. It was a super fun environment, especially the second time when our wait staff was way more into his role. Which was ironic because that was the time we were NOT seated in a booth and I worried that standing was going to be a bummer, but it perhaps immersed us more in (what little) action there was.

You’ll all have a great time.


I’ve only stood at the bar and I hope I only ever stand at the bar. It’s the best.

My last experience I couldn’t get the online check in to work so I went to door and gave them my name. They took down my number and texted me when my table was ready. It was less than 10 minutes for all of that to happen. If you are too late they will still fit you in, but you’ll have to wait until there is room. I definitely think it’s an interesting and fun vibe that kids will enjoy. I’ve always seen children in there when I’ve been and none were melting down so I think that’s pretty positive.


We were at the high-tops in the middle. I personally would love to be right AT the bar, but not sure my kids would :wink:

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We have been at the bar and at the round tables which back up to the wall. The table completely stole the full experience from us! We didn’t realize it at the time because it was our first time but the second time we went and sat at the bar we realized how much we had missed out on the first go round! My girls LOVED listening to the DJ and being in the middle of the antics (we were blamed for a power outage). They enjoyed the drinks but the atmosphere is what put it over the top. We will for sure do again. And for reference my kids are 5, 7, 9 and 10.


We were standing directly at the main bar in Jan 2020 (pre-Covid party atmosphere) and at a standing bar in an alcove set back in June 2021 (much more subdued). The first experience was definitely better but I think it’s still definitely worth doing. (4 kids ages 10-18 at first visit)

Great answers, thank you everyone.

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Hmm. . . I was just there last week, and we seem to have missed the boat. We were a party of 6 with a table near the entry and had a 9:40 pm reservation. Server was barely there and only interacted with us as little as possible. Few people were there at all, and there was no “atmosphere” l could percieve. We are not drinkers, so the alcohol also wasn’t the draw. I was looking for atmosphere. . . and we missed that. Oh well. A couple of us liked the drinks, a couple of us did not, and being in the park after close was fun. I would not go back there.

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So it WAS our seating as much as our wait staff. You and I had the same experience (first time booth, second time bar)

We were there in April

  1. I’d say it was about 20-30 minutes from when we checked in until we got the table is ready text. I blame it on the rain. It was an absolute monsoon that lasted at least half an hour. I think the people inside didn’t want to leave.

  2. When we checked in in person, we gave them our telephone number and they texted us

  3. 10 minutes

  4. My kids are older so I can’t comment on this. If it’s possible to get a table that may be more comfortable for them. You would share it with another party of 4, probably. Otherwise it’s standing room only.

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I really think that it made a huge difference for us!

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We were there 2 weeks ago. We arrived late after waiting longer than expected for RNRC and were 15 minutes late on the nose, we watched the time while racing there. They didn’t give us any trouble about it. After check-in they told us to wait for a table-ready text which was standard procedure at just about every TS this trip, even if it was only a few seconds before the text came. At Ogas it was maybe 3-4 minutes. We ended up at a standing table. In April we took my DD8 and DD4 and they loved Oga’s. Especially the Carbon Freeze.
ETA after reading @dianelynn post:
Yes, definitely ask for a seated table with younger kids. They won’t be able to reach a standing table.

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We were there pre-COVID (just barely, a week before shutdown) with a 4 and 6 year old and they were not into it AT ALL, to the point that we just ordered our drinks to go. They were so cranky that they refused to even consider getting cool non-alcoholic drinks. That being said, their problem was that we had, just before that, built droids and all they wanted to do was go back to the droid test area and drive them around so your experience may be different.

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Do you recall if they still offer the Rancor teeth beer flight souvenir board?

It was on offer last week when I was there- the bartender helpfully dragged out examples of all 3 things we could buy and I bought the porg tiki mug and the endor tiki mug, only left the rancor board because I despaired of fitting it into my suitcase :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answering, this question was completely off my radar! I had no idea.

DH did the rancor experience in Jan 2020 and absolutely loved it!

Of course, the set is tucked away…somewhere?… but he enjoyed it so much it doesn’t matter. Which is super out of character for his introverted self that normally doesn’t like being the center of attention at all. I think childhood Star Wars fixations just overrode everything else.